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The Greek Fiscal Crisis and the Future of the Euro-Zone

Hellenic Observatory panel debate

Date:  Wednesday 28 April 2010
Time:  6.30-8pm
Venue:  Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
Speakers: Professor George Alogoskoufis, Professor Wim Koesters, Dr Yannos Papantoniou, Simon Tilford
Chair: Professor Kevin Featherstone

The fiscal crisis in Greece has received much international coverage. Can Greece correct its financial position and undertake the necessary reforms for future prosperity? What are the implications for the governance of the euro-zone and the future performance of the 'euro'?

George Alogoskoufis was the economics Minister, under Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, who reported that the data on which Greece had qualified for the 'euro' was incorrect.   Wim Koesters is a professor of Economics at the Ruhr Universität Bochum and a member of the Board of Directors in the Rheinisch Westfälisches Institut Für Wirtschaftsforschung Essen.  Yannos Papantoniou was the economics minister who took Greece into the 'euro' under Prime Minister Costas Simitis. Simon Tilford is a chief economist in the Centre for European Reform.

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A transcript of Professor George Alogoskoufis' speech is now available online:
The Euro Area and Greece after the Crisis (pdf)

A transcript of Dr Yannos Papantoniou's speech is now available online:
Greece and the Euro Crisis (pdf)

A transcript of Simon Tilford's speech is now available online:
The Greek Fiscal Crisis and the Future of the Euro-Zone pdf)


A copy of Professor George Alogoskoufis' powerpoint presentation is now available to download. Download Macroeconomic Policy and the Euro Area after the Crisis (pdf

A copy of Professor Wim Koesters powerpoint presentation is now available to download. Download The Greek Fiscal Crisis and the Future of the Euro-zone - a German View (pdf)

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