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Whither Japan's Foreign Policy under Hatoyama?

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Asia Research Centre public lecture

Date: Thursday 18 March 2010
Time: 6.30-8pm
Venue:  G1, 20 Kingsway
Speaker: Dr Mutsumi Hirano
Chair: Prof. Ian Nish

Analyses Japan's foreign policy visions and principles in the post-Cold War period, both existing and emerging. It also examines recent developments under the Hatoyama Government which came to power in September 2009, building on the review of the past foreign policies pursued by the Liberal Democratic Party. Is the new government trying to drastically change the country's foreign policy course, or pursue something along the lines of past policies? Or, should the question rather be; has the current government the capacity to deliver what they intend?

Currently a visiting research fellow at Asia Research Centre, London School of Economics. Her ongoing project is on Japan's foreign policy in the post-Cold War period. Completed Ph.D. at Dept. of International Relations, LSE, then worked in the private sector, in association with Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan. Research interests are: International Relations Theory; Foreign Policy Analysis; Japan's regional and international relations since 1945; Japan's foreign policy behaviour and its foreign policy issues; and historiography. Publications include 'Sino-Japanese relations at the turn of century' and the recent book 'History education and international relations: a case study of diplomatic disputes over Japanese history textbooks' (2009).

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