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Freedom in Blair's Britain

Human Rights Public Lecture

Date: Tuesday 17 February 2004
Time: 6.00pm
Venue: Old Theatre, Old Building
: Shami Chakrabarti
Chair: Professor Conor Gearty

The Labour government has now been in office for nearly seven years, a period seemingly marked by a series of assaults on freedom and liberty:  legislation on terrorism, on asylum and on criminal procedure has flowed thick and fast. Yet this is the same Labour Party that enacted the Human Rights Act.  Are claims about the threat to freedom justified or grossly exaggerated?  Is recent legislation genuinely unprecedented or just the sort of thing that governments in Britain have done over generations?  This lecture considers the state of freedom in Britain, and assesses the role of Liberty in protecting that freedom, 70 years after the organisation was formed to protect (among others) communist and Labour Party activists from police attack. 

Shami Chakrabarti became director of Liberty in September 2003. Having originally joined Liberty as in-house counsel, Shami has worked on a number of Liberty's high profile cases. She is an executive governor of the British Institute of Human Rights, and executive committee member of the administrative law bar association and editorial board member of the European Human Rights Law Review.

This event is free and open to all with no ticket required.  Entry is on a first come, first serve basis. 

For further information, contact Joy Whyte on 020 7955 6428 or email j.m.whyte@lse.ac.uk

Weblink: www.lse.ac.uk/humanrights