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Frequently asked questions

Are all LSE public lectures and events available as a podcast or video?

We aim to make all events from the public events programme available as a podcast but this is subject to receiving permission from the speaker/s to do this, and subject to no technical problems with the recording of the event. 

Videos are made available when a video recording is requested by the event organiser and subject to receiving permission from the speaker/s.

When are LSE event podcasts and videos released?

Podcasts are usually published the next working day after the event, videos one to three working days after the event.

How do I download an audio or video file to my computer?

To download the file right click on the download link (or ctrl + click if you're using an pre-2010 Apple Mac) and choose 'Save target as' or 'Save link as'.

When you left click on an audio or video link the behaviour of your web browser will depend on what software you have installed and how your web browser is configured. For instance, when you install Quicktime it will change the default behaviour of your web browser so that audio and video links play in the Quicktime web browser plug-in. If in doubt right click on the download link and choose 'Save target as' or 'Save link as'.

I have downloaded a video file why won't it play?

Our videos use the mp4, m4v or mov file format and the h.264 video codec. Some PCs running older versions of Windows (2000, XP and Vista) may be unable to play this video format without additional software. If you're unable to play a video downloaded from our website we recommend that you install VLC,. Alternatively play the video in our embedded media player in your web browser or the corresponding video on YouTube (a link to the YouTube version can be found at the bottom of the podcast/video page).

What's iTunes U?

See the iTunes U page.

What are webfeeds (RSS and Atom) and how do I use them?

RSS and Atom are the two most popular types of webfeed and are sometimes referred to simply as RSS. Webfeeds are used to syndicate frequently updated works such as news articles, podcasts and videos in a standardised format. You can view the contents of a webfeed without having to revisit the website from which it originated, and you can also publish them in your own blog or website. 

You can view and subscribe to our podcast and video webfeeds using a podcatcher such as iTunes, Apple Podcasts app, Downcast and Pocket Casts. You can also subscribe to webfeeds using feed readers and some web browsers and email applications.

How do I transfer a podcast or video to my mobile device?

It is possible to transfer podcasts and video you have downloaded to your computer to your mobile device e.g., using iTunes to transfer podcasts to your iPhone. However many people find it easier and more convenient to download the content directly to their mobile device using a podcatcher app such as the Apple Podcasts appDowncast or Pocket Casts. Alternatively you can download the SoundCloud mobile app and download content from our SoundCloud channel.  

Who do I contact if I have comment or suggestion regarding audio or video content on the LSE website, YouTube, iTunes U, SoundCloud and MixCloud?

Please email comms.filmandaudio@lse.ac.uk.


I'm organising an LSE public lecture or other event, how do I arrange for a podcast or video to be made available?  

Please see - arranging public lecture podcasts and videos

Who produces the content on the video and audio website?

Public lecture podcasts and videos are produced and hosted by the Film and Audio team in partnership with the Conference and Events Office, and AV Services.  

Other content is usually produced by the Film and Audio team or by external freelancers and production companies.

Who manages LSEs video and audio content?

The video and audio website, webfeeds, iTunes U, YouTube channel are managed and maintained by the Film and Audio team

I would like some guidance on creating audio/video content for the web or I have some audio/video content that I would like to publish. What should I do?

Please email the Film and Audio team on comms.filmandaudio@lse.ac.uk.





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