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The Ballpark

The Ballpark is the LSE US Centre's regular podcast on the politics and policy of the United States. Through features and interviews with academics from the LSE and elsewhere, The Ballpark looks more closely into what's going on behind the headlines.

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Episode 8: America's contentious and complicated criminal justice system

Released on: 16 September 2016

Contributor(s): Nicola Lacey and Michal McQuarrie

This episode takes us beyond the headlines to investigate what societal structures makes America's criminal justice...

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Extra Innings: Has Obama been a transformative president?

Released on: 24 August 2016

Contributor(s): Jeffrey Tulis

In this instalment of Extra Innings, we bring you behind the scenes of the US Centre and present a full lecture from...

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Extra Innings: Everything you wanted to know about Brexit but were too afraid to ask

Released on: 1 August 2016

Contributor(s): Sara Hagemann, Tim Oliver, and Tony Travers

It's clear that the UK has voted to leave the EU, but there are still many questions surrounding Brexit. We want to...

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Episode 7: Federalism, the longest lasting debate in America

Released on: 25 July 2016

Contributor(s): Waltraud Schelkle, Sierra Smucker, Chris Parkes, Chris Gilson, Denise Baron

This episode, we dive into one of the oldest and longest lasting debates in American history: federalism vs. states'...

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Extra Innings: Gun Violence and Politics in the US

Released on: 1 July 2016

Contributor(s): Chris Gilson, Sierra Smucker, Sasha Milonova, Denise Baron

Following the recent horrific shooting in Orlando, Florida, we gathered three Americans to discuss their research and...

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Episode 6: Place Matters

Released on: 23 June 2016

Contributor(s): Jonathan Rodden and Margaret Weir

Does where we reside influence how we vote or even how much it costs to live ? Or is it the other way around? This...

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Episode 5: What's a political poll got to do with it?

Released on: 1 June 2016

Contributor(s): Daniel Laurison, Larry Jacobs, Jamie Weinstein, Lauren Maffeo

This episode, we take a look at what political polling can tell us about democratic participation, public policy, and...

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Extra Innings: Monetary policy and more with Jeff Frieden

Released on: 18 May 2016

Contributor(s): Jeff Frieden, Professor of Government at Harvard University Chris Gilson, host

We featured Jeff Frieden in our episode on the Almighty Dollar, but our interview with him covered so much more. So we...

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Episode 4: The Almighty Dollar

Released on: 12 May 2016

Contributor(s): Jeff Frieden, Gianluca Benigno, Chris Parkes

This episode we take a look at the almighty dollar and decipher US monetary policy, central banking, and exchange rates.

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Extra Innings: Why the Ballpark?

Released on: 5 May 2016

Contributor(s): Derek Valles, Chris Gilson, Denise Baron

You might be wondering, "Why is this podcast called 'The Ballpark'?" We invited another baseball fan and political...

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Episode 3: Power, Person, People: US Foreign Policy

Released on: 25 April 2016

Contributor(s): Nick Kitchen, Xenia Wickett, Lloyd Gruber, Denise Baron, Sophie Donszelmann, and Chris Gilson

In this episode, we take a look at contemporary theories around American power and the factors that influence US...

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The Ballpark Extra Innings: Erich McElroy’s Imperfect Guide to the US Presidential Debates

Released on: 24 March 2016

Contributor(s): Erich McElroy, Josie Long, Robyn Perkins, Ola

In this Ballpark Extra Innings segment co-hosts Denise Baron and Chris Gilson head down to Erich McElroy’s Imperfect...

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Episode 2: This is not a hot take

Released on: 18 March 2016

Contributor(s): Mona Morgan-Collins, James Snyder, Denise Baron, Sophie Donszelmann and Chris Gilson

In this episode, we dive into the current state of American politics, but instead of giving you a "hot take," we...

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Episode 1: The strongest economy for who?

Released on: 3 March 2016

Contributor(s): Jeff Clemens, Michael Amior, Denise Baron, Sophie Donszelmann, Chris Gilson

In our first episode, we take a look at the US’ economic recovery and how its benefits might not have been felt by...

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Welcome to The Ballpark

Released on: 25 February 2016

Contributor(s): Denise Baron, Sophie Donszelmann, Chris Gilson

Welcome to The Ballpark, a regular podcast on politics, policy, and research from the LSE's US Centre. Each episode,...

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