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The Ballpark

The Ballpark is the LSE US Centre's regular podcast on the politics and policy of the United States. Through features and interviews with academics from the LSE and elsewhere, The Ballpark looks more closely into what's going on behind the headlines.

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Season 3, Epidsode 2: Arizona: Immigration politics in the Grand Canyon State

Released on: 9 July 2018

Contributor(s): Susannah Crockford, Antonia Noori Farzan, Chris Gilson, Denise Baron

As a part of our State of the States season, we’re diving deep into the political landscape of Arizona, the Grand...

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Season 3, Episode 1: State of the States: Textbooks in Texas and Cars in California

Released on: 4 June 2018

Contributor(s): Chris Bonneau, Kris Kanthak, Denise Baron, Chris Gilson

This season, we’re taking a look at how the states influence and shape America’s politics and policy. The stories, the...

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Season 2, Episode 9: What can be done about fake news?

Released on: 8 January 2018

Contributor(s): Charlie Beckett, Sonia Livingstone, Chris Gilson, Sophie Donszelmann, Denise Baron

Fake news has taken the world and especially America by storm, and in this episode, we talk with two academics who are...

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Season 2, Episode 8: Where did the opioid epidemic come from?

Released on: 17 November 2017

Contributor(s): John Collins, Alex Soderholm, Sophie Donszelman and Denise Baron

With the skyrocketing rates of opioid abuse and overdose deaths in the US, John Collins and Alex Soderholm of the...

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Season 2, Episode 7: The Rural-Urban Divide

Released on: 12 October 2017

Contributor(s): Kathy Cramer, Tory Mallett, Denise Baron, and Chris Gilson

The distance between America’s rural and urban communities have become a pivotal element of politics and elections....

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Season 2, Episode 6: Racism towards Latinos: Past, present, and future

Released on: 9 October 2017

Contributor(s): Neil Foley, Susannah Crockford, Chris Gilson, and Sophie Donszelmann

The current US president is not the first American leader to use inflammatory rhetoric about Latinos and push...

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Extra Innings: The Politics of Resentment in the 2016 US Presidential Election

Released on: 25 August 2017

Contributor(s): Kathy Cramer and Denise Baron

The 2016 election revealed stark divisions along the rural-urban divide in America. Professor Kathy Cramer’s research...

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Extra Innings: The Affluence Effect: College Socialization and Inequality in America

Released on: 18 August 2017

Contributor(s): Tali Mendelberg, Sophie Donszelmann

Do American universities promote income inequality? That's the question Professor Tali Mendelberg takes on in this...

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Extra Innings: Anxiety, Fear, and National Identity

Released on: 11 August 2017

Contributor(s): Neil Foley, Denise Baron

You usually have to be in London to catch the public lectures sponsored by the US Centre, but this August, we’re...

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Season 2, Episode 5: The future of American progressivism

Released on: 7 August 2017

Contributor(s): Thomas Frank, Inge Kjemtrup, Sophie Donszelmann, Denise Baron

After a number of disappointing elections, many people have been left asking “Who is the Democratic Party?” In this...

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Season 2, Episode 4: The Changing Face of American Conservatism

Released on: 3 July 2017

Contributor(s): Yuval Levin, Alex Sundstrom, Denise Baron, Chris Gilson

From the party of Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, the Republican Party is changing, but what caused these changes and...

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Season 2, Episode 3: Trumpian Foreign Policy

Released on: 2 June 2017

Contributor(s): Charles Kupchan, Emmanuelle Blanc, Chris Gilson, Denise Baron

This episode, we're taking a look at how President Trump's prioritisation of "America First" will impact foreign...

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Season 2, Episode 2: Do state governments even matter?

Released on: 28 April 2017

Contributor(s): Jamie Monogan, Chris Gilson, Denise Baron, Sophie Donszelmann

This episode, we’re looking into an often overlooked level of American policy-making: state governments. While the...

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Season 2, Episode 1: Populism and the new political spectrum

Released on: 30 March 2017

Contributor(s): Chris Gilson, Denise Baron, Eric Kaufmann, Brian Klaas

While populism isn’t a new phenomenon in the United States, it has produced a new political spectrum in American...

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Season 2 | The Ballpark | Back at Bat

Released on: 28 March 2017

Contributor(s): Denise Baron, Sophie Donszelmann, and Chris Gilson

The Ballpark is back for Season 2! We're still going beyond the headlines and bringing you the facts, figures, quotes,...

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Episode 9: The LSE and USA

Released on: 9 January 2017

Contributor(s): Mick Cox, Marcia Balisciano, Gavin Baird, Peter Trubowitz

The LSE and United States have a long, intertwined history, and in this episode, we dive into the special relationship...

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Extra Innings: The Yanks Are Coming! A lecture from Professor Mick Cox

Released on: 12 December 2016

Contributor(s): Mick Cox

This podcast, we dive into the history of Americans at LSE. As we'll hear from Professor Mick Cox, the LSE has helped...

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Extra Innings: 2016 US Election Preview

Released on: 7 November 2016

Contributor(s): Peter Trubowitz, Sophie Donszelmann, Denise Baron

LSE US Centre Director, Peter Trubowitz, breaks down the electoral map and gives us a preview of what to expect in the...

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The Ballpark needs your help!

Released on: 10 October 2016


Thanks for listening to The Ballpark. We hope you’ve enjoyed listening as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together....

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Extra Innings: Conspiracy theories and Donald Trump

Released on: 28 September 2016

Contributor(s): Joe Uscinski

Donald Trump has brought conspiracy theories into the mainstream political debate. We spoke with political scientist...

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