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The Director's Channel: all items

This channel highlights podcasts and videos featuring LSE’s Director.

Some of the videos and podcasts posted below were recorded when Howard Davies was LSE’s Director. LSE's current Director is Professor Craig Calhoun (from 1 September 2012). See Meet the Director for further information.

To view other video and audio content including our full catalogue of public lecture podcasts and videos - see channels.

All podcasts and videos

Banking On The Future: The Fall And Rise Of Central Banking

Recorded on: 12 May 2010

Speaker(s): Howard Davies, David Green

Not long ago, national central banks were endowed with wide-ranging authority, enormous prestige, and a high degree of...

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LSE100 The LSE Course

Released on: 19 October 2009

Contributor(s): Howard Davies

Dr Jonathan Leape, in conversation with Howard Davies, Director of LSE, about LSE100: The LSE Course.

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China and Financial Reform

Recorded on: 13 October 2009

Speaker(s): Howard Davies

Howard Davies sits on the International advisory councils of the China banking and securities regulatory commissions....

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LSE Director's Dialogue with Stephen Green

Recorded on: 2 July 2009

Speaker(s): Howard Davies, Stephen Green

As the world's financial order is in a state of flux, how do we align our desire to improve material human wealth, and...

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A Conversation between Bill Gates Sr. and Howard Davies

Recorded on: 4 June 2009

Speaker(s): Bill Gates Sr., Howard Davies

Bill Gates Sr., is a prominent lawyer, civil activist, and co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He is the...

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Attributes of LSE students

Released on: 26 May 2009

Contributor(s): Howard Davies

The educational experience at the London School of Economics greatly extends the depth and breadth of student’s...

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Howard Davies in Conversation with Lord Goldsmith QC

Recorded on: 17 March 2009

Speaker(s): Lord Goldsmith QC, Howard Davies

The separation of powers idea is at the heart of all legal democracies. Yet within those democracies there will often...

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Why Did Nobody Tell Us? Reporting the Global Crash of 2008

Recorded on: 23 February 2009

Speaker(s): Alex Brummer, Vince Cable MP; Evan Davis; Gillian Tett; Professor Willem Buiter

This event will discuss the reporting leading up to the global credit crash of 2008. Alex Brummer has been City Editor...

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Recruit LSE Talent

Released on: 21 January 2009

Contributor(s): Howard Davies

An LSE education greatly extends the depth and breadth of our students’ knowledge of their subject and of the Social...

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Policy Responses to the Financial Crisis

Recorded on: 13 January 2009

Speaker(s): Dr Ben S. Bernanke

Ben S. Bernanke was sworn in on February 1, 2006, as Chairman and a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal...

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The Subprime Crisis

Recorded on: 26 November 2008

Speaker(s): Professor Robert J. Shiller

Bubbles in the stock market and the housing market are the cause of a financial crisis that is wreaking havoc around...

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Central Banking and the Credit Crunch

Recorded on: 30 October 2008

Speaker(s): Howard Davies

Howard Davies is working on a book about the future of central banking to be published in 2009 by Princeton University...

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China and Financial Reform

Recorded on: 15 October 2008

Speaker(s): Howard Davies

Howard Davies sits on the International advisory councils of the China banking and securities regulatory commissions....

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The New Paradigm for Financial Markets: The Credit Crisis of 2008 and What It Means

Recorded on: 21 May 2008

Speaker(s): George Soros and Howard Davies

In the midst of the worst financial upheaval since the Great Depression, George Soros explores the origins of the...

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Global Financial Regulation: The Essential Guide

Recorded on: 1 May 2008

Speaker(s): Howard Davies, David Green, John McFall, Sir Steve Robson, Gillian Tett

As international financial markets have become more complex, so has the regulatory system which oversees them. The...

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China's Financial Markets: how they are emerging as a global force

Recorded on: 29 October 2007

Speaker(s): Howard Davies

Howard Davies, who has advised the Chinese government on financial reform for the last four years, reviews the...

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Financial Reform in China: what next?

Recorded on: 17 October 2006

Speaker(s): Howard Davies

Three of China's big four banks are now quoted on the Hong Kong exchange. Full World Trade Organisation membership is...

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