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Contributor(s): Paul Krugman

Released on 18 December 2009

LSE's motto, 'To know the causes of things' is exemplified in its lively public events programme. Every term up to 90 often high profile speakers come to the School to explain, examine, and debate important economic, social and political issues.

This short film provides a taster of the exciting events programme which has brought luminaries such as Nelson Mandela, Chancellor Angela Merkel, Alan Greenspan, George Soros and President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia to LSE.

With an emphasis on stimulating open debate the School provides an environment where even contentious issues can be discussed freely. It gives a platform to prime ministers, top academics and economists, for example, but it also provides students and members of the public a rare opportunity to put their questions to these speakers.

As Nobel prize winning economist Paul Krugman explains in the film: 'The LSE is in some ways better than any place in the world. If you give a speech at Oxford, Cambridge or even Princeton, you are not in the middle of things. Here you are at the core of a lot of activity – overlapping policy, business [and] academia.'

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