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Contributor(s): Mercy Nahmo, Vlad Glaveanu, Martin Bauer, Luca Savorelli, Lila Caballero-Sosa, Aurelie Bahsa i Novosejt, Ben Voyer, Ben Wilson, Sara Belton, Penny Hilton, Stavroula Tsirogianni, Tom Pritchard

Released on 18 May 2011

Computer processing has revolutionised the social sciences, enabling the collection and processing of vast quantities of data. Amid the consequent information glut, effective presentation of data is more important than ever - even good research can't do any work if the right people can't access its conclusions.

So each year, social science students from LSE partner up with graphic designers from the London College of Communication (LCC) to produce data presentations that are as visually striking as they are epistemically credible.

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