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Contributor(s): Myria Georgiou, Ramy Aly

Released on 22 March 2011

Throughout the so-called War On Terror, trans-national Arab television stations such as AL Jazeera have supplied a valuable corrective to the perceived political bias of Western media. But that curiosity has been coupled with suspicion: was Al Jazeera supplying a useful Arab perspective, or seditious Muslim propaganda? Who was watching these stations, and what impact was Arab television having on its viewers' sense of cultural identity?

Media & Citizenship studies the ways transnational media, in particular Arabic language television, reshape the political landscapes of citizenship in the European Union. It provides the first European wide empirical research on the use of Arabic language television and its influence on integration in multicultural societies. After collecting data across 7 EU nations (Cyprus, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK), focus group studies explore how Arabic speakers themselves construct citizenship in the light of their media use, and their adopted national cultures.

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