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Choice and the Future of Healthcare

Released on: 8 December 2009

Contributor(s): Zack Cooper

Zack Cooper of LSE Health looks at what the US healthcare system and the NHS might learn from one another and where the 'patient choice' agenda is going next.

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Living in the Second Nuclear Age

Released on: 7 December 2009

Contributor(s): Professor Arne Westad

Whatever happened to the bomb? Nuclear weapons never went away, we just stopped paying them any attention. In fact we're now living in "the Second Nuclear Age". Professor Arne Westad of IDEAS explains.

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Ethics and the importance of dialogue

Released on: 16 November 2009

Contributor(s): Dr Alex Voorhoeve

In Plato’s time, dialogues were one of the most popular forms of philosophical enquiry and writing. Alex Voorhoeve explains why he has chosen to construct his new book, Conversations on Ethics, in the same way.

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Measuring the economic impact of a natural disaster

Released on: 27 October 2009

Contributor(s): Professor Janet Hunter

How do economies react to and recover from massive natural disasters such as the Great Kanto Earthquake that struck Japan in 1923? Professor Janet Hunter provides insights.

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As birds need ornithologists: science and philosophy of science

Released on: 15 October 2009

Contributor(s): Dr Roman Frigg

Physicist Richard Feynman is said to remarked that 'Philosophers of science are about as useful to scientists as ornithologists are to birds'. Senior lecturer in philosophy, Roman Frigg, gives his riposte in this short film.

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Colonising Knowledge in the Kingdom of Kandy

Released on: 8 September 2009

Contributor(s): Dr Sujit Sivasundarum

Dr Sujit Sivsundaram shows how local knowledge in Sri Lanka was used as a means of resistance against the British in the 1800s, and subsequently absorbed and adopted by the colonists as their own.

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The Politics of Personal Identity

Released on: 20 August 2009

Contributor(s): Dr Edgar Whitely

Too much information? Dr Edgar Whitely questions whether the government's plan to protect us from identity fraud through its proposed ID card scheme could backfire.

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Bioweapons: risk and response

Released on: 14 July 2009

Contributor(s): Dr Filippa Lentzos

Could stoking the fear of a biological weapons attack make it more likely to happen? Dr Filippa Lentzos explains.

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Five challenges for saving the planet

Released on: 15 June 2009

Contributor(s): Lord Nicholas Stern

Lord Nicholas Stern explains how we can both manage climate change and also usher in a new era of global prosperity.

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Psychotic savants

Released on: 1 June 2009

Contributor(s): Dr Christopher Badcock

Dr Christopher Badcock presents a radical revision to the current classification of mental disorders.

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Panic on the Streets of London

Released on: 26 May 2009

Contributor(s): Mirko Draca

Research economist Mirko Draca explains how the July 2005 terrorist attacks became a "natural experiment"on the effect numbers of police have on crime.

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Dysfunctional markets

Released on: 28 October 2008

Contributor(s): Dr Paul Woolley

The huge expansion of the global financial system in recent decades has now culminated in a devastating downfall according to Dr Paul Woolley.

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