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Speaker(s): Bill Turnbull
Chair: Ian Spencer

Recorded on 5 May 2011 at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

Bill Turnbull's light-hearted introduction to the world of beekeeping highlights the ups and rather more frequent downs of his ten years attempting to produce honey and keep his colonies alive. Definitely not a masterclass on the art of apiculture; more a survival guide for beginners and the casual bystander. BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull first joined the BBC in 1986, where he has remained as an investigative journalist and presenter ever since. He is a keen beekeeper, a leading ambassador of beekeeping in the UK, and the author of mishap memoir The Bad Beekeepers Club. Ian Spencer is Director of the LSE's Residential and Catering Services Division. He is keen to become an amateur bee keeper himself and was instrumental in the Passfield Hall Honey project which gave LSE it's very first roof-top hives.

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