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Editor's note: There is a very short gap in the podcast recording at 51:58 owing to a technical fault.

Speaker(s): Luis Almagro
Chair: Dr Francisco Panizza

Recorded on 22 March 2011 at Wolfson Theatre, New Academic Building

Foreign Minister Almagro will outline the Uruguayan Government's Policies on International Relations, focusing on the Southern Cone sub-region, Latin America and the world. Dr Almagro will highlight the positive outcome already achieved by the current Government, with regard to the country's attractive investor-friendly policies, its strategic geographical location as a financial hub in the Southern Cone, as well as its development in the fields of Science, Technology and Innovation. Luis Almagro was appointed Foreign Minister by President Mujica in March 2010. A career diplomat and trained as a lawyer. He was a supporter of the National Party in his younger days before moving to the Frente Amplio. He joined the MFA in 1987. Diplomatic postings include Ambassador to China (2007 to 2010); Bonn (1998-2003) and Iran (1991-96). In the MFA in Montevideo he worked in the Minister's private office (1997-98) and was Deputy Director for International Economic Affairs in 2005. In 2006 he went to work for then Agriculture Minister José Mujica as head of the Ministry's International Affairs Unit. He is keen to promote commercial diplomacy in the foreign service and improve professionalism.

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