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Speaker(s): Lord Malloch Brown
Chair: Professor Mary Kaldor

Recorded on 17 March 2011 at Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

The dramatic shifts underway in global economic, political and social society are leading to new stress points. Both at the global level as a country like China pushes its way to the top of the table and at the national level as power shifts, not just between countries but within countries as rapid wealth creation, and elsewhere destruction, creates new local winners and losers. Again China is a good example.

Mark Malloch-Brown will then argue that rather than just obsessing over elusive, usually wrong, predictions about who the global and local winners and losers are, we have to accept change is now a constant and we need flexible new ways of managing our global and national affairs, whoever is up or down, that recognise that much of the old intergovernmental system is breaking down and leaving us dangerously ungoverned as change and global integration accelerates.

Mark Malloch-Brown has held a unique set of positions across the heights of the international system. After leaving a career in journalism, he served as a World Bank vice president and as the head of the United Nations Development Program and deputy secretary-general to Secretary General Kofi Annan. Most recently, he was minister for Africa, Asia, and the UN in the government of Gordon Brown. Jeffrey Sachs named him one of Time Magazine's 100 Leaders and Revolutionaries.

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