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Speaker(s): Lord Brittan
Chair: Peter Sutherland

Recorded on 3 March 2011 at Old Theatre, Old Building

Since 2008 it has looked to many as if the Doha Round trade negotiations were dead, or at best comatose. At the G20 Summit last November, world leaders gave it a shot in the arm, and there are now significant signs of life in Geneva. If concluded, it would provide an insurance policy against future protectionism and economic benefits estimated at over $360 billion. The challenge is to realise the window of opportunity in 2011 in order to seal the deal. On the last day of his 6 month assignment Lord Brittan, Trade Advisor to the Prime Minister, presents his unique perspective on the importance of an open global economy, and in particular the urgent need to conclude the DDA.

Lord Brittan has been Vice Chairman of UBS Investment Bank since 2000 but has taken leave of absence to carry out his assignment as Trade Adviser to the Prime Minister. He was previously a Member of the European Commission from 1989 to 1999, when he was involved in both the negotiations that created the WTO and concluded the Uruguay Round. From 1974 to 1989 he was a Member of Parliament, serving in Thatcher's government as Minister of State at the Home Office, Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Home Secretary and Secretary of State for Trade and Industry.

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