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Speaker(s): Geoff Dyer, Robert Hudson, David Shields
Chair: Claire Armitstead

Recorded on 19 February 2011 at Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

Is the novel dead? Is art theft? Can you copyright reality? David Sheilds’s Reality Hunger questions every assumption we ever made about art, the novel, journalism, poetry, film, TV, rap, stand-up, graffiti, sampling, plagiarism, writing, and reading. The questions Shields addresses- the bending of form and genre, the lure and blur of the real- play out constantly around us, and Reality Hunger is a radical reframing of how we might think about this 'truthiness'. This discussion of Shields' manifesto will explore the complexities of art and literature in the 21st Century. Geoff Dyer is the author of Jeff in Venice, Death in Varanasi and three previous novels, as well as seven other non-fiction books. Robert Hudson is the author of The Kilburn Social Club. He has a PhD in history and is currently writing a historical novel, which keeps him up at night. He has written extensively for journals including the Financial Times and the Guardian, on topics including the social aspects of digital media. David Shields is the author of ten books, including Reality Hunger: A Manifesto|, and the New York Times bestseller The Thing About Life Is That One Day You’ll Be Dead.

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