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Speaker(s): Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Paul McAuley, Ken McLeod
Chair: Professor Chris Brown

Recorded on 17 February 2011 at Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

The study of popular culture has always been a feature of the social sciences as well as of the humanities – indeed, the social sciences have often been in advance of the humanities in this area, more willing to recognise the importance of genres that are frowned upon by the arts establishment. This event will bring together a number of writers of imaginative fiction and academics who have written in this field. Jon Courtney Grimwood is an award-winning author, recently novels include Felaheen|, which won the BSFA Award for Best Novel, End of the World Blues, which also won the BSFA award and The Fallen Blade, the first of three novels set in an alternate 15th-century Venice. Ken MacLeod is a Scottish science fiction writer, whose award-winning books include the Engines of Light trilogy and most recently The Restoration Game. Paul McAuley won the Philip K. Dick Award for his first novel and has gone on to win the Arthur C. Clarke, British Fantasy, Sidewise and John W. Campbell Awards. He gave up his position as a research biologist to write full-time. His novels include Fairyland, The Quiet War and Gardens of the Sun. He lives in London. You can find his blog at: http://www.unlikelyworlds.blogspot.com

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