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Speaker(s): Bob Ayers, Rob Carolina
Chair: Stephan Freeman

Recorded on 19 October 2010 at Old Theatre, Old Building

LSE IT Services is pleased to present a series of evenings (19, 20 and 21 October) to help promote awareness of information security issues that are relevant to every person that uses the Internet. With the increasing use of computers and information technology in our everyday lives, the number of threats that people face on the Internet everyday has also increased. This series is set to show what some of those threats are, how you can protect yourselves and what other people are doing to protect us. Bob Ayers will give a presentation on the privacy aspect of Internet usage. Rob Carolina will describe how laws around the world apply to your use of the Internet. He will also explain why the Cyberspace "Frontier" is now closed, why the Internet does have borders, and how the Internet has entered an age of de-globalisation.

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