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Speaker(s): Dr Antonieta Medina Lara, Barbara Nyanzi-Wakholi
Chair: Professor Tony Barnett

Recorded on 27 May 2010 at New Theatre, East Building

Until only a few years ago, an AIDS diagnosis in Africa was seen as the harbinger of an inevitable and lingering death. In rich countries, anti-retroviral therapy has made AIDS a manageable condition for most infected people. The challenge has been to provide such treatment in resource constrained settings, particularly in Africa. In a unique study combining sophisticated quantitative and qualitative analysis, Antonieta Medina Lara and Barbara Nyanzi-Wakholi examine the way that the roll out of anti-retroviral medications for HIV/AIDS have changed people's lives in Uganda. In this lecture they report on the detail of their research undertaken as part of the DART (The Development of AntiRetroviral Therapy in Africa) reported in Lancet in December 2009.

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