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Speaker(s): Dr Marina Franchi, Katie Hind, Jane Martinson, Eleanor Mills, Allyson Zimmermann
Chair: Helena Vieira

Recorded on 19 September 2017

This panel will discuss how the front pages of national newspapers portray women in terms of content and bylines.

Marina Franchi (@marinapfranchi) is an LSE Fellow, LSE100.

Katie Hind (@katiehind) is a showbusiness writer at the Mail on Sunday.

Jane Martinson (@janemartinson) is a Guardian columnist.

Eleanor Mills (@EleanorMills) is Editorial Director of The Sunday Times, Editor of The Sunday Times Magazine, and Chair of Women in Journalism.

Allyson Zimmermann (@AllyZimmermann) is Executive Director of Catalyst Europe.

Helena Vieira (@helenavieira1) is LSE Business Review’s managing editor.

LSE Business Review (@LSEforBusiness) is a blog that promotes the dialogue between researchers and society on topics related to business and economics.

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