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Speaker(s): Dr Marina Franchi, Katie Hind, Jane Martinson, Eleanor Mills, Allyson Zimmermann
Chair: Helena Vieira

Recorded on 19 September 2017 at Old Theatre, Old Building

This panel will discuss how the front pages of national newspapers portray women in terms of content and bylines.

Marina Franchi (@marinapfranchi) is an LSE Fellow, LSE100.

Katie Hind (@katiehind) is a showbusiness writer at the Mail on Sunday.

Jane Martinson (@janemartinson) is a Guardian columnist.

Eleanor Mills (@EleanorMills) is Editorial Director of The Sunday Times, Editor of The Sunday Times Magazine, and Chair of Women in Journalism.

Allyson Zimmermann (@AllyZimmermann) is Executive Director of Catalyst Europe.

Helena Vieira (@helenavieira1) is LSE Business Review’s managing editor.

LSE Business Review (@LSEforBusiness) is a blog that promotes the dialogue between researchers and society on topics related to business and economics.

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