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Editor's note: Unfortunately, owing to technical difficulties, the last few minutes of the question and answer session are missing from the audio podcast.

Speaker(s): Renzo Martens

Recorded on 4 June 2009 at New Theatre, East Building

Renzo Martens will present a special screening of his film Episode III, (88 minutes). Episode III – 'Enjoy Poverty' investigates the emotional and economic value of Africa’s most lucrative export: filmed poverty. As with more traditional African exports such as cocoa and gold, the suppliers of this new African commodity hardly benefit from it at all. Deep in the interiors of the Congo, Dutch artist Renzo Martens launches an emancipatory programme that helps the poor become aware of their primary capital resource: poverty. Over several years, Martens single handedly undertakes an epic journey. Combining investigative journalism, satire and self awareness in a deeply singular view, Episode III – 'Enjoy Poverty' is ingeniously provocative and ironic, despite the sad reflection staring back in the mirror that he holds up.

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