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Editor's note: for rights reasons the films clips presented in the lecture have been obscured in the video. Links to the film clips can be found in the related links section at bottom of the LSE podcast page.

Speaker(s): Professor Andrew Murray
Chair: Professor Julia Black

Recorded on 30 September 2015 at Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

HAL 9000 will soon no longer be science fiction: sentient machines will quickly be with us. As “smart agents” make decisions for human actors a number of issues will emerge centred on four key challenges: privacy, personality, liberty, and locus. These are the themes behind Professor Andrew Murray's forthcoming book - The Objective Self: Identity and Law in the Digital Society. It conveys the thematic message that our concepts of personality and self will have to evolve as artificial intelligences develop. This lecture will not be able to examine the whole message of the book but Professor Andrew Murray will introduce the concept of The Objective Self, assisted, supplementary and autonomous decision-making and discuss machine intelligence and regulation by design. He will demonstrate that in the next 50-100 years everything we know and understand about law will become incorrect requiring lawyers to fundamentally alter their understanding of what the law is and what it can achieve.

Andrew Murray (@AndrewDMurray) is Professor of Law with particular reference to New Media and Technology Law at LSE.

Julia Black is Pro Director for Research at LSE and Professor of Law.

LSE Law (@LSELaw) is an integral part of the School's mission, plays a major role in policy debates and in the education of lawyers and law teachers from around the world.

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