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Speaker(s): Professor Ian Ayres
Chair: Professor Chrisanthi Avgerou

Recorded on 13 September 2007 at Old Theatre, Old Building

Today's best and brightest organisations are analysing massive databases at lightning speed to provide greater insights into human behaviour. From internet sites like Google and Amazon that know your tastes better than you do, to a physician's diagnosis and your child's education, to boardrooms and government agencies, a new breed of decision makers--call them super crunchers--are calling the shots. And they are delivering staggeringly accurate results. Want to know the value of a particular wine or whether the price of an airline ticket will go up or down before you buy? Super crunchers have the answers. In this brave new world of equation versus expertise, intuition and experience are often losing out. In this lecture, Ian Ayres will talk about the benefits and risks of Super Crunching, who loses and who wins, and how Super Crunching can be used to help, not manipulate us.

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