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Editor's note: We apologise for the poor quality of this podcast.

Speaker(s): Professor Stephen Gibbons, Dr Tim Leunig, Professor Ruth Lupton

Recorded on 22 January 2015 at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

Many believe that education is very sensitive to the influence of school friends and neighbours. Professor Stephen Gibbons outlines evidence to the contrary from the Spatial Economics Research Centre at LSE.

Stephen Gibbons is Professor of Economic Geography and Director of the Spatial Economics Research Centre.

Tim Leunig (@timleunig) is Chief Analyst and Chief Scientific Adviser at the Department for Education.

Ruth Lupton (@ruthlupton) is Professor of Education at the University of Manchester.

Julia Black is Pro Director for Research at LSE.

Economic prosperity in the UK is very unevenly distributed across space. Tackling these persistent disparities is a key policy objective. The Spatial Economics Research Centre (SERC) (@LSE_SERC) aims to provide a rigorous understanding of the nature, extent, causes and consequences of these disparities, and to identify appropriate policy responses.

Established in 2008, SERC is based at the LSE and aims to provide high quality independent research to further understanding as to why some regions, cities and communities prosper, whilst other don't. Our research programmes explore disparities, their effects and potential remedies at all spatial levels including regional, city-region, local and neighbourhood. The Centre also aims to influence and improve policy decision-making at the national and local levels, connecting UK policy makers with international expertise, research and good practice in diagnosing and tackling such differences.

LSE Works is a series of public lectures, that will showcase some of the latest research by LSE's academic departments and research centres. In each session, LSE academics will present key research findings, demonstrating where appropriate the implications of their studies for public policy. A list of all the LSE Works lectures can be viewed at LSE Works.

Credits: Tom Sturdy (Audio Post-Production), LSE AV Services (Audio Recording).

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