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Speaker(s): Professor Toby Dodge, Dr Faleh Jabar
Chair: Professor Sami Zubaida

Recorded on 26 June 2014 at Old Theatre, Old Building

The seizure of Mosul by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant and their rapid move south towards Baghdad has thrown Iraq into another post-regime change crisis. This panel aims to examine the identity and background of the fighters in northern Iraq, as well as the root causes behind the violence. Bringing together three of the world’s leading experts on Iraq, it will explain why the Iraqi armed forces, comprising over a million men under arms, collapsed so quickly. It will then go on to explain how the political and constitutional system, which was set up in the aftermath of regime change, has contributed to the current situation. Finally, the speakers will discuss the consequences of the current crisis and what it means for the future of Iraq.

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