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Download : Audio - Morning Session

Speaker(s): Michael Bromwich, Al Bhimani, David Otley, Chris Ford, Alasdair Macnab, Falconer Mitchell, Warwick Hunt, Henri Dekker, George Grosz, Alasdair Macnab, Kenneth Simmonds

Recorded on 27 March 2014 at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

The 35th annual MARG Conference will take place on Thursday 27 March 2014 at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The theme for the 2014 conference is 'Management Accounting and Strategic Partnerships.'

Speakers include David Otley and Chris Ford (Lancaster University Management School) who will speak on ‘Princes, Property Developers, Commandos and Charities: Lessons from an Unusual Strategic Alliance’, Henri Dekker (VU University Amsterdam) who will discuss ‘Managing Risky Relations’, Alasdair Macnab (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) and Falconer Mitchell (University of Edinburgh) who will speak on ‘Outcome Costing’ and Warwick Hunt (PwC UK) who will speak on 'Strategic Alliances: Cultures, Networks and Global Challenges'.

There will be a panel discussion session titled 'Do Strategic Alliances Suggest New Strategies and New Accounting' in the afternoon with the opportunity for questions throughout the day. The CIMA Distinguished Practitioner Lecture will be presented by Keith Luck (CIMA Vice President) who will discuss 'How Management Accounting and Strategic Partnerships combine to deliver success - a practitioner’s perspective'.

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