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Speaker(s): Sharon Meers
Chair: Professor Stuart Corbridge

Recorded on 17 March 2014 at New Theatre, East Building

What would happen if more men, women and managers knew things like this: children of dual-career couples do at least as well as kids with a parent at home; divorce risk is 50% lower when couples evenly share the roles of making money and caring for kids; men don't value their careers any more than women do -- and men are better off when they invest time in their kids; teams that work fewer hours produce higher quality work – even in the most demanding professions.

Whether you’re a young woman trying to pick the right guy, new parents facing the chaos of raising small kids, or a husband helping your wife return to work, our core challenge is: How can we thrive both a work and at home?

Drawing on a broad range of government data, social science research and original interviews, Getting to 50/50 offers solutions to get rid of guilt and do right by our kids; focus on what’s really important – let go of the rest; and help men play bigger roles at home so women are free to lead larger lives at work.

When men and women share the same experience and work together, it makes our families stronger. And allows all of us, at home and at work, to live happier more rewarding lives. That is what 50/50 is all about.

Sharon Meers (@sharonmeers) leads enterprise strategy for Magento, eBay’s global e-commerce platform. Formerly, she was a managing director at Goldman Sachs. She is author, with Joanna Strober, of Getting to 50/50: How Working Parents Can Have It All.

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