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Speaker(s): Professor Roger Brownsword, Dr Sarah Edwards, Dr Sarah Richmond
Chair: Dr Bahador Bahrami

Recorded on 13 November 2013 at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

The continuing development of brain imaging technologies is now bringing into reach the correlation of brain activity with psychological states and traits, such as personality traits, mental health vulnerabilities, (unconscious) preferences and desires, or truthfulness. At the same time, different groups, such as employers, advertisers, health insurers and the government, all have strong interests in the knowledge offered by the neurosciences. How concerned should we be about these developments, and how can we ensure the protection of our privacy and dignity?

Roger Brownsword is professor of law at King’s College London.

Sarah Edwards is senior lecturer in research ethics and governance in the Centre for Philosophy, Justice and health at University College London.

Sarah Richmond is senior lecturer in philosophy at University College London.

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