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Speaker(s): Kate Bell, Duncan Bowie, Howard Reed, Zoe Williams
Chair: Dr Robin Archer

Recorded on 13 March 2013 at LG.01, New Academic Building

Seventy years ago the Beveridge Report announced the pursuit of a new settlement, one that would dramatically change the structure of Britain for the better. With this in mind, a new project from Class looks at what Beveridge's analysis of society can teach us about the Giant Evils of today and how can we use this to chart an alternative course for a welfare state - orSocial State - fit for a new settlement in 2015. This event at the London School of Economics will bring together the experts working on Class's Social State project in a panel discussion on the themes and policy suggestions proposed in this series of work.

Kate Bell is child poverty coordinator of the Child Poverty Action Group.

Duncan Bowie is senior lecturer in Spacial Planning at the University of Westminster.

Howard Reed is director of the economic research consultancy Landman Economics.

Zoe Williams is a columnist at The Guardian.

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