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Speaker(s): Jim Hagemann Snabe
Chair: Dr Carsten Sørensen

Recorded on 21 February 2013 at New Theatre, East Building

While the digital age has reached the individual through global social networks and redefined social interaction some years ago, the digital revolution for the business world has just started. Innovation in technology is opening up a whole new area of business opportunities that go beyond our established way of doing business. We can reach the individual consumer instantly anytime anywhere. We can get new business insights and analyze unlimited amounts of data in real time. We can solve problems that weren’t solvable before. And we can redefine value chains and integrate them in global business networks where everyone can participate – big or small – with unlimited possibilities to sell, buy and collaborate. The digital revolution in business is driven by three mega technology trends: in-memory computing for unlimited real-timeness, cloud-based social collaboration and business networks and individual access to mission critical insight for better decisions anytime anywhere from any mobile device. SAP is a leading global innovator that drives the convergence of these mega trends to create the next wave of innovation and growth for businesses.

The world is changing rapidly: hyper-connected, shorter product cycles, more unpredictability, and even more limited resources. Businesses need to adjust and innovate much faster to meet future business challenges while constantly sensing and responding to customer demand. Technology, and in particular smart software solutions are game changing – not only for the IT industry but for the entire enterprise. As the global market leader in enterprise software SAP is at the forefront of these developments. An estimated 63% of all world transactions run through SAP. SAP has more than 230.000 customers and achieved total revenues of more than 16 billion Euros in 2012. Jim Hagemann Snabe is SAP co-CEO and will offer unique insights on how the digital revolution creates opportunities across many industries and how the power of innovative software solutions can bring productivity and innovation to a new level that we require to propel sustainable growth for our economies in Europe and across the globe.

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