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Download : Audio - 10:00 - Session 1, Audio - 11:15 - Session 2, Audio - 14:00 - Session 3, Audio - 15:45 - Session 4, Video - 10:00 - Session 1, Video - 11:15 - Session 2, Video - 14:00 - Session 3, Video - 15:45 - Session 4

Speaker(s): Various - see description

Recorded on 2 November 2012 at Shaw Library, Old Building

Session 1 - Opening Ceremony.

Speakers: Professor Stuart Corbridge, Maria Helena Gasparian, Ana Souza, Isabel Santana, Pilar Álvarez-Laso, Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch.

The Underground Sociabilities International Seminar opening ceremony and Film and Presentation of the Research by Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch – LSE.

Session 2 - Favela Trajectories: Building Responses to Exclusion and Violence.

Speakers: Washington Rimas, Camila Batmanghelidjh, Silvia Ramos, Paul Heritage, Pilar Álvarez-Laso.

The Self and Life Trajectories; Community Responses to Crime and Violence; Resisting Exclusion and Generating Positive Practices.

Session 3 - Urban Borders, Mediations and New Social Actors.

Speakers: Junia Santa Rosa, Celso Athayde, Antonio Roberto Cesário de Sá, Gareth Jones, Anthony Hall.

Broken City/Communicative City; Crossing Borders in the City; “Talking to the Enemy”: community and police relations; Lessons from AfroReggae and CUFA.

Session 4 - The Routes of Underground Sociabilities.

Speakers: Rogerio Sottili, Luis Erlanger, Jailson de Souza e Silva, Ricky Burdett.

Themes: Psychosocial Scaffoldings and Border Crossing in the City; lessons for policy makers, government, business, NGOs and other partners; developing initiatives towards border crossing and scaffolding.

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