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Contributor(s): Professor Dan Everett, Philip Gross, Linda Yueh, Amy Mollett, Cheryl Brumley

Released on 8 May 2012

Professor Dan Everett, linguistic anthropologist and author of Language: The Cultural Tool, tells us how a language spoken by a tribe living deep in the Amazon jungle poses a direct challenge to the widely-held view that language is inherent. Prize-winning poet Philip Gross talks to us about his father’s loss of language and reads from his collections Deep Field and The Water Table. As part of our academic inspiration series we speak to LSE economist and Bloomberg TV broadcaster Linda Yueh about the books that inspired her into economics.

Produced by Cheryl Brumley. Music and sound courtesy of the following users at Freesound.org: bebeto (Intro music); reinsamba (Nightbirds – Amazon); Corsica_S (Museum atrium); mystiscool (stream); and eric5335 (meadow ambience).

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