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Speaker(s): Professor Ha-Joon Chang, Cambridge University
Chair: Professor Athar Hussain, LSE

Recorded on 14 October 2008 at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

The global economy is going through a turbulent time and it is time for a fundamental re-design of the global economic system. In doing this, Korea has a unique set of assets to provide. It is one of the few countries that have transformed itself from one of the poorest to the one of the industrialized in living memory, so it can understand the concerns that span across a huge spectrum of countries. In this lecture, Ha-Joon Chang will discuss how Korea can, and should, contribute to the reform of the global system, by drawing on its unique historical experience and becoming a mediator that genuinely understands the concerns of, say, Swaziland to Switzerland. Ha-Joon Chang is reader in the political economy of development at Cambridge University.

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