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Editor's note: This podcast contains writing exercises, which may mean some periods of silence during the recording, but we would encourage you to join in.

Speaker(s): Jonathan Gibbs

Recorded on 3 March 2012 at Alumni Theatre, New Academic Building

The introductory session to the day’s workshops will be looking at ways of getting started, or restarted, in writing fiction. What approaches can you take to plot and character when you do find time to write, and how can you use your time away from your desk to make sure that, when you’re there, you get the most out of it.

Jonathan Gibbs has worked as a books journalist for 10 years. He took an MA in Creative Writing at UEA, and is currently nearing the end of a PhD there. The fruits of that, a novel about the Young British Artists, is, as we speak, travelling via his agent to various publishers’ inboxes.

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