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Speaker(s): Dweep Chanana, Anwar Hasan,Shiv Nadar
Chair: Ruth Kattumri

Recorded on 21 February 2012 at Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

Mr Dweep I. Chanana is a Director of Philanthropy & Values-based Investing at UBS AG. For the past five years he was responsible for advising clients in Africa, Asia, Israel, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. He previously managed the UNDP’s Growing Sustainable Business initiative in Kenya and worked in the telecommunications industry. Dweep serves as mentor to a number of social enterprises and is co-founding Benefiit, a peer network of professional impact investors.

UBS recently concluded a study of family philanthropy in Asia. The study revealed interesting insights into the evolution and state of philanthropy in Asia, and particularly India. Dweep will share some of the findings of the study, including some lesser known and possibly unexpected facets of philanthropy in the region. He will also draw comparisons to the practice of philanthropy globally, in the past and today.

Mr Anwar Hasan is the Managing Director of Tata Limited in London. He joined the Tata Group in 1963 in Calcutta with Tata Steel. After holding several executive positions with Tata Steel he was appointed Managing Director of Tata Limited in 1999. Mr Hasan will speak about the Tata model of philanthropy.

The founders of Tata had initiated and sustained a tradition of bequeathing much of their personal wealth to the many trusts they have created for the greater good of India and its people. Thus they created an extraordinary saga of philanthropy that has enriched India and its citizens across a century. Today the Tata trusts have come to control 66 per cent of the shares of Tata Sons, the holding company of the group. The wealth that accrues from this asset supports an assortment of causes, institutions and individuals in a wide variety of areas. The trusteeship principle governing the way the group functions casts the Tatas in a rather unique light: capitalistic by definition but socialistic by character. The Tata Group was awarded the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy in 2007 in recognition of the group's long history of philanthropic activities.

Mr Shiv Nadar is Founder and Chairman of HCL Technologies and the Shiv Nadar Foundation. He founded HCL in the mid 1970s, which today is a $6 billion global enterprise with 90,000 professionals from diverse nationalities, who operate from 31 countries including over 500 points of presence in India. Shiv Nadar was conferred the Padma Bhushan - the third highest civilian honour, awarded by the President of India. Forbes Magazine featured Shiv Nadar in its list of 48 Heroes of Philanthropy in the Asia Pacific region in 2011.

Mr Nadar will speak on Creative Philanthropy as a model for building spirals of inspiration. Shiv Nadar Foundation is engaged in empowering people through primary, secondary and higher education and transform lives. Creative Philanthropy is modelled on the principle of building institutions of excellence in education for long-term high impact socio-economic transformation and creating spirals of inspiration & concentric circles of impact and outreach. Mr Nadar posits that the potential outcome of creative philanthropy is its differentiated high impact approach that creates individuals as catalysts of transformation for many others.

Dr Ruth Kattumuri is Co-Director, LSE India Observatory.

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