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Download : Audio - Intro & Session 1, Audio - Session 2, Audio - Session 3, Audio - Session 4, Audio - Session 5, Slides - D Dinsdale, Slides - J Fishenden, Slides - M Briggs, Slides - M Ferguson Slides - N Chapman, Slides - P Dunleavy, Slides - S Boniwell, Slides - W Heath,

Speaker(s): Sir Michael Bichard, Matt Briggs, Guy Ker, Simon Boniwell, Nick Chapman, David Dinsdale, Patrick Dunleavy, Harry Metcalfe, Ivo Gormley, William Heath, Teresa Perchaud, Kevin McLean, Mark O'Neill, Jerry Fishenden, Martin Ferguson

Recorded on 29 June 2011 at Design Council, 34 Bow Street, London

LSE Public Policy Group, LSE Moving Social Security Online Conference, Wednesday 29 June 2011. In the present fiscal climate, governments must cut the costs of delivering services at the same time as maintaining quality. They must also cope with the demands of increasing numbers of the unemployed and the aging. A key imperative therefore is to move the bulk of social security processes and transactions online.

Introduction: Designing Social Security, Sir Michael Bichard, Design Council.

Session 1: Moving social security online: the current UK view, Matt Briggs (Programme Manager, Tell Us Once, Department for Work and Pensions), Guy Ker (Publishing Director, Directgov), Simon Boniwell (Strategy Unit, Department for Work and Pensions).

Session 2: Government services online: other policy areas, Nick Chapman (Chief Executive, NHS Direct), David Dinsdale (ex Director of Businesslink), Patrick Dunleavy (Professor of Political Science and Public Policy, LSE).

Session 3: Designing technology changes to social security, Harry Metcalfe (The Dextrous Web), Ivo Gormley (Thinkpublic) – Case study on transforming public services.

Session 4: Information and citizen focused innovation, William Heath (Chairman, Mydex), Teresa Perchaud (Director of Policy, Citizens Advice Bureaux), Kevin McLean (UK Online Centres).

Session 5: Designing online social security for the future, Mark O’Neill (Head of Skunkworks and CIO, CLG and DCMS), Jerry Fishenden (Advisor, PASC IT inquiry and ex Head of Technology, Microsoft).

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