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Download : Audio - 11:30 to 13:45 Morning Session, Audio - 14:45 Session A, Audio - 14:45 Session B, Audio - 16:00 Session C, Audio - 16:00 Session D, Audio - 17:15 Concluding Panel

Speaker(s): Various - see description for details

Recorded on 13 June 2011 at Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building

Academics are increasingly being pressed to provide evidence of impact from their research on the world outside academia. And universities will have to provide evidence of impact as part of the new Research Excellence Framework. But there is confusion about the different definitions of impact that exist amongst funding bodies and research councils, and also about methods of measuring impact.

This one day conference will look at a range of issues surrounding the impact of academic work on government, business, communities and public debate. We will discuss what impact is, how impacts happen and innovative ways that academics can communicate their work. Practical sessions will look at how academic work has impact among policymaking and business communities. Also how academic communication can be improved and how individual academics can easily start to asses their own impact.

11:30 – Welcome and introduction, Professor Patrick Dunleavy.

11:45 – Panel 1: Current Thinking in Assessing Impact - Professor Patrick Dunleavy (Impact of Social Sciences project, London School of Economics), Professor Alan Hughes (Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge), Tomas Ulrichsen (Public and Corporate Economic Associates), Chair: Simon Hix, Government Department, LSE.

12:45 - Panel 2: Innovative Methods for Impact and Engagement, Charlie Beckett (Director of POLIS, London School of Economics), Professor Stephen Curry (blogger, Imperial College London), Paul Manners (Director, National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement, UWE), Dr Martyn Lawrence (Senior Publisher, Emerald Group Publishing), Mike Peel (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics / Wikimedia UK), Chair: Dr Bart Cammaerts, Media and Communications, LSE.

14:00 - Session A: Academic impact on policy-making, Maria O’Beirne (Analysis and Innovation Directorate, Department for Communities and Local Government), Jill Rutter (Better Policy Making Programme Director, Institute for Government), James Johns (Director of Strategy for Civil Government, HP), Chair: Dr Edgar Whitley, information Systems Group, LSE.

14:00 Session B: A 'how to' guide to measuring your own academic impact, Professor Patrick Dunleavy (Impact of Social Sciences project, London School of Economics), Jane Tinkler (Impact of Social Sciences project, London School of Economics).

16:00 Session C: Knowledge transfer and the role of research mediators, Nick Pearce (Director, IPPR), Professor Judy Sebba (University of Sussex), Daniel Lindsay (Senior Economic Analyst, Shelter), Chair: Professor Sonia Livingstone, LSE Media, LSE.

16:00 Session D: Improving academic communication, Professor Patrick Dunleavy (Impact of Social Sciences project, London School of Economics), Chris Gilson (Managing Editor, British Politics and Policy blog, London School of Economics).

17:15 Concluding Panel: Research Impact and the REF, Professor Rick Rylance (Chief Executive, Arts and Humanities Research Council), David Sweeney (Director of Research, Innovation and Skills, HEFCE), Professor Paul Wiles (Panel Chair, social work and social policy panel, REF impact pilot), Astrid Wissenberg (Director of Partnerships and Communications, Economic and Social Research Council), Chair: Tony Travers, LSE Greater London Group.

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