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Contributor(s): Tim Newburn, Les Back

Released on 15 March 2013

In the first episode of LSE's British Politicast we take a closer look at the Riots of 2011. A year and half on since the shooting of police suspect Mark Duggan in London's Tottenham sparked nationwide rioting and looting, the unrest of 2011 still proves an emotive topic for the British public. This podcast looks back on the riots, presenting sociological and criminological perspectives on why they happened and what, if anything, can be learned from them. Tim Newburn, Professor of Criminology and Social Policy at the LSE, talks about his award winning research project Reading the Riots, which aimed to examine in detail at who was involved, the extent and nature of their participation, and at their accounts of what prompted or motivated their actions. Professor Les Back, sociologist at Goldsmith's University walks us through Catford, London, which along with the surrounding area of Lewisham, caught the attention of the national media when its multiple shops were raided and destroyed in the riots. He notes how today's disaffected youth experience an 'intense sense of the present'.

To view 'Anatomy of the Catford Riots' an interactive Google map with links to slideshows and original content, including a look at Catford's industrial past, see related links. Presented by Mark Carrigan. Produced by Cheryl Brumley. Contributors: Tim Newburn, Les Back. Music and sound came courtesy of the following user at the Free Music Archive: DJ Harrison (Fast Food Haven (Cookout) NC-ND).

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