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Big ideas

This series explores ideas that will shape thinking in the 21st century.

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New internationalism needed for new world order

Released on: 1 April 2009

Contributor(s): Professor David Held

Global institutions such as the United Nations risk fragmenting unless they become more democratic warns Professor David Held.

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Risk regulation has gone too far

Released on: 6 March 2009

Contributor(s): Professor Bridget Hutter

We need to go back to first principles to examine the real nature of risk and its possible effects on society, argues Professor Bridget Hutter.

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Costing the climate

Released on: 18 February 2009

Contributor(s): Dr Sam Fankhauser

Economic motives rather than ethical concerns will be ultimately what prevents runaway climate change, argues Dr Sam Fankhauser.

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Good intentions perverse incentives

Released on: 4 February 2009

Contributor(s): Professor Luis Garicano

Professor Luis Garicano explains what the current financial crisis and boring, defensively played football matches have in common

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Death in the modern age

Released on: 9 January 2009

Contributor(s): Professor Emily Jackson

Professor Emily Jackson examines the meaning of death and the moral and legal questions raised by euthanasia.

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Competition and choice good for public sector

Released on: 3 January 2009

Contributor(s): Professor Julian Le Grand

Professor Julian Le Grand argues that the principle of market competition can still offer solutions to public sector problems.

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