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Video and audio

These pages catalogue LSE's videos and podcasts. We have selected some highlights below, for more - see channels.

Videos are also available in the LSE YouTube channel.

Public lecture podcasts and videos: highlights

Britain's Housing Crisis: causes and cures

Recorded on: 21 March 2017

Speakers: Professor Christian Hilber

In his inaugural lecture Christian Hilber explains how Britain’s planning system and tax policy cause the country’s...

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The Productivity Puzzle

Recorded on: 20 March 2017

Speakers: Andrew G Haldane

Productivity growth has weakened across a number of economies over recent years, particularly in the UK. Does this...

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For more please see the public lectures and events channel.

Other podcasts and videos: highlights

Thomas Leeper on Trump’s Inauguration & the Start of His Presidency

Recorded on: 27 January 2017

Speakers: Thomas Leeper

Thomas Leeper discusses Donald Trump's inauguration and what it tells us about the policy and approach we can expect...

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LSE 2017

Recorded on: 9 January 2017

Speakers: Professor Simon Hix, Dr Paul Stock, Professor Peter Trubowitz, Baroness Amos, Professor Fawaz Gerges, Professor Michael Jacobs, Dr Lisa Mckenzie, Professor Robyn Eckersley, President Juan Manuel Santos

LSE was founded with the aim of understanding the causes of things and for the betterment of society. This ideal is...

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Episode 9: The LSE and USA

Recorded on: 9 January 2017

Speakers: Mick Cox, Marcia Balisciano, Gavin Baird, Peter Trubowitz

The LSE and United States have a long, intertwined history, and in this episode, we dive into the special relationship...

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Student video diaries 2016-2017

Recorded on: 9 November 2016

Speakers: Alex Selway, Yea Won Youn, Zack Flagel, Katherine Abijade

New students document their experiences at LSE.

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The US Elections Explained: The Transition of Power

Recorded on: 9 November 2016

Speakers: Dr Derek Valles

Dr Derek Valles from the US Centre looks at power transitions between presidents of the United States. He also...

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The US Elections Explained: Trade Policy

Recorded on: 31 October 2016

Speakers: Dr Julia Gray

In this LSE US Centre Election Explainer, Dr Julia Gray discusses what trade deals are, their recent history, and who...

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What going on holiday says about us

Recorded on: 15 August 2016

Speakers: Dr Paul Stock

Dr Paul Stock from the International History department looks at how the Grand Tour of the 17th, 18th and 19th century...

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A twenty-first century metropolitan green belt

Recorded on: 31 July 2016

Speakers: Dr Alan Mace, Fanny Blanc, Barney Stringer, Catriona Riddell, Jonathan Seager, Richard Blyth

Housing should be strategically built on the Metropolitan Green Belt to halt its piecemeal development and alleviate...

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How new London villages can help solve the housing crisis

Recorded on: 23 July 2016

Speakers: Kathleen Scanlon

New research published by LSE and the Berkeley Group explores how urban villages could help address the capital's...

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Tackling Lighting Inequalities – by Configuring Light/Staging the Social

Recorded on: 12 May 2016

Speakers: Mona Sloane, Joanne Entwistle, Don Slater

Light is fundamental to social life. Light, by the same token, can play a key role in reproducing urban inequalities....

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How to apply for graduate study

Recorded on: 21 March 2016

Speakers: LSE students and staff

LSE staff give advice on how to apply for graduate study.

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Realising Potential – changing the lives of talented young people

Recorded on: 7 March 2016

Speakers: LSE scholarship students

Demonstrating the impact that philanthropic scholarships from alumni and friends have on brilliant young students at...

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LSE Campus Tour

Recorded on: 26 November 2015

Speakers: LSE Staff and Students

Discover LSE's central London campus.

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LSE Summer School – The student perspective

Recorded on: 4 November 2015

Speakers: 2015 LSE Summer School students

Students from across the globe share their experience of spending a summer in London with LSE Summer School.

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Tales from Houghton Street: an LSE oral history

Recorded on: 28 September 2015

Speakers: Carol Wain, Bryan Van Arkadie, Mary Evans

Alumni and staff share their LSE stories, as part of LSE's 120th anniversary celebrations. This podcast features Carol...

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The changing face of Houghton Street

Recorded on: 10 August 2015

Speakers: Sue Donnelly

On the eve of demolition work on the east side of the road, LSE Archivist Sue Donnelly shares the secrets of Houghton...

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A day in the life of an LSE student

Recorded on: 27 April 2015

Speakers: Hannah Cottrell

Second year Anthropology student Hannah Cottrell shows us what a typical day is like for her at LSE.

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The Burning Issue: The DNA of Human Rights

Recorded on: 24 February 2012

Speakers: Professor Conor Gearty

'What are human rights and where do they come from?', asks Professor Conor Gearty in the latest Burning Issue lecture...

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The Burning Issue: Right to Die

Recorded on: 16 February 2012

Speakers: Professor Emily Jackson

In a humane society, should it be legal to help those who are suffering terribly to end their lives? Emily Jackson,...

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The Burning Issue: Parasites - enemy of the poor

Recorded on: 30 January 2012

Speakers: Professor Tim Allen

For millions of the world's poor, parasitic infections can be debilitating or even lethal. There are high hopes for ...

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