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The latest press releases from LSE

New Year Honours 2014 for LSE (31 December 2013)

Professor Sonia Livingstone, Professor John Kay, Hazel Johnstone and Keir Starmer QC have all been honoured.

Houghton Street

LSE statement on events at LSE SU Freshers' Fair (19 December 2013)

The London School of Economics and Political Science has today apologised to two students from the LSE Students’ Union Atheist Secularist and Humanist Society (ASH) who wore t-shirts depicting Mohammed and Jesus at the SU Freshers’ Fair on 3 October 2013 and who were asked to cover their t-shirts or face removal from the Fair.


Keir Starmer QC awarded an LSE Honorary Degree (19 December 2013)
Keir Starmer, former Director of Public Prosecutions and Head of the Crown Prosecution Service, has today (Thursday 19 December) been awarded an Honorary Degree by the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).


Half a million older and disabled people lose care since start of recession (17 December 2013)

Half a million older and disabled people who would have received social care five years ago, now receive no local support, according to new research from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


New survey shows university buildings matter to students (16 December 2013)

Over a third of students have rejected a university due to the quality of its buildings and lack of facilities, according to research led by the LSE Estates Division and the Higher Education Design Quality Forum (HEDQF).

Professor Christopher Pissarides - Nobel winner

Tough choices for a troubled Euro (12 December 2013)

The euro should either be dismantled in an orderly way or the leading members should do what is necessary to make it growth-and employment-friendly as fast as possible, argues Professor Christopher Pissarides.


LSE to be part of £4 million research project about improving life with dementia   (11 December 2013)

Researchers from the Personal Social Services Research Unit at LSE are part of a team that has been awarded £4 million to improve the experience of those living with dementia.


Scotland's Deputy First Minister launches new LSE report on how to attract more investment in the rented sector (9 December 2013)

The appointment of a Rented Sector Champion and the need for stability in the policy, taxation and regulatory environments are two of the key recommendations from a new LSE report on Scotland's private rented sector.


LSE health policy experts expose gaps in NHS staffing(9 December 2013)

In a paper for a high-level policy meeting in Westminster on Monday 9 December LSE health policy experts highlight serious gaps in the safe staffing of NHS hospitals.


Recessions can be good for your health, but only if you are male (3 December 2013)

Boys who leave school or university during a recession experience better health in later life than if they left during a boom, but the situation is reversed for girls.

Indian Woman

LSE Director announces new South Asia Centre during official visit to India (2 December 2013)

LSE is set to create a new academic centre dedicated to strengthening its research and engagement with South Asia.

Houghton Street

LSE raises £125m through private investors to support campus redevelopment (29 November 2013)

LSE has raised £125m by means of private placement of unrated debt which will be used for the redevelopment of the recently expanded campus.


£150 billion in five years – new league table throws new light on cost of banking misconduct (28 November 2013)

Ten of the world’s leading banks have racked up fines and similar "conduct costs" of nearly £150 billion over a period of just five years. This is one of the findings revealed in a new analysis published today by the LSE Conduct Costs Project.

Europe Enlargement

EU Enlargement Isn't Working (26 November 2013)

The Eurozone crisis, enlargement fatigue within EU states and a loss of confidence in the European project have put EU enlargement in peril, according to a new report from LSE IDEAS.


Policing for a better Britain (25 November 2013)

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) should be abolished and replaced by a new system, an independent review of policing in England and Wales has recommended.

meerkat individual

Squabbling meerkats make better decisions (25 November 2013)

Conflicting interests within a group can lead to better collective decisions - if you're a social animal such as a meerkat - according to new research by a team of political scientists and biologists from LSE and the Max Planck Institute for Human Development in Berlin.


Many Brazilian children are going online without adult guidance (25 November 2013)

More than two-thirds of Brazilian children surveyed for the first comprehensive study into Brazilian children's online experiences believe they know more about the internet than their parents or guardians, a new report reveals.

Future bathroom

Bin-less Homes, Nanoscopic Robots and Ultrasonic Baths (22 November 2013)

A new report from LSE and Veolia Environnment envisages the home of the future with nanoscopic robots sorting materials, self-cleaning bathrooms and ultrasonic baths.


Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners selected to design LSE's New Global Centre for the Social Sciences (18 November 2013)

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) has chosen Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners (RSHP) to design its new £90m Global Centre for Social Sciences (GCSS).


A new European approach key to global climate action (15 November, updated 18 November 2013)

Climate change experts presented five key proposals for the fight against climate change  at the 2013  Dahrendorf Symposium. 


Fewer English MPs able to play the 'born and bred' card (14 November 2013)

English MPs able to play the “born and bred” card to woo potential voters are a relatively rare breed, with new statistics revealing that less than half of them are born in the regions they represent.


How can Europe keep spearheading the fight against climate change? (12 November 2013)

How successful is Europe in fighting climate change? Can it live up to its role as an international pioneer? What challenges will Europe and its member states face in the future?


Mobile phones the new 'social robots' for five billion users (11 November 2013)

Who do we turn to first in moments of joy, sorrow, loneliness, crisis, boredom and daily life? It used to be our spouse, partner, family or best friend. Now, according to the London School of Economics and Political Science, it is our mobile phone.

Craig Calhoun

LSE Director awarded honorary doctorate from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (8 November 2013)

Professor Craig Calhoun has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the Erasmus University Rotterdam as part of the university’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

Chris Skinner

The future of the Census (1 November 2013)

Professor Chris Skinner, Head of LSE’s Department of Statistics, has led an independent review of the methodology underlying the options for the future of the Census, on behalf of the Office for National Statistics.


Gentrification plays central role in conservation decisions (29 October 2013)

There is a strong link between increasing gentrification and the designation of conservation areas (CAs), according to research from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


England's social classes slow to evolve (29 October 2013)

New research from the London School of Economics and Political Science shows that the class structure in England is evolving far more slowly than previously believed.


What's a little spying between friends? Phone-tapping between allies is nothing new says LSE historian (25 October 2013)

Evidence that Britain tapped the phone calls of American diplomats in the interwar years has been uncovered by a LSE historian.

Arne Westad

LSE academic Arne Westad wins the Asia Society Bernard Schwartz book award (24 October 2013) 

Professor Arne Westad, a prominent academic at LSE, has won the most prestigious US Asian Studies book prize, the Asia Society’s Bernhard Schwartz Book Award, for his new book on China’s international history.

What Works Centre logo

What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth launches (24 October 2013)

A ground-breaking new project that will analyse and showcase the policies that can help to drive local economic growth has launched with a national event.


New LSE book launched on life in Rio's favelas (24 October 2013)

A new book which analyses how favela dwellers in Rio de Janeiro’s slums break free of their backgrounds has been launched in Brazil.


LSE celebrates the life and work of Lionel Robbins to mark 50th Anniversary of his report on Higher Education (22 October 2013)

LSE has launched an online digital exhibition of the life of economist Lionel Robbins to coincide with the 50th anniversary of his landmark report into higher education.

boy with money

Raise household income to improve children's educational, health and social outcomes (22 October 2013)

Children in lower-income households do less well in school and have worse health than their better-off peers in part because they are poorer, researchers from LSE have found.


What the hell? (21 October 2013)

You may have twigged that something unusual is happening around campus this week: an event on Thursday 24 October involving guerrillas, hell and commandos.


Europe needs to pull together, says former foreign policy chief (14 October 2013)

A new report being launched in London today by former foreign policy chief Dr Javier Solana argues for a revival of the European spirit. 


LSE counselling report launched in parliament (14 October 2013)

More funding directed towards counselling and psychotherapy services in the UK could help curb escalating costs in public and mental health and ensure the country’s future wellbeing.

Financial crisis

Monetary policy is less powerful in recessions (10 October 2013)

Changes to interest rates by central banks have a significant impact on economic activity during periods when the economy is expanding but virtually no effect during recessions.

Kuala Lumpur

LSE to host its sixth LSE Asia Forum in Malaysia (9 October 2013)

The School will host the next LSE Asia Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in April 2014. This is the sixth LSE Asia Forum and the first time it has been held in Malaysia. 


LSE Report Calls for a Digital-Age Research Agenda on the Rights of the Child (7 October 2013)

New LSE report argues that UNICEF and other children's charities need to gather strong evidence on how children are using ICT, and how this may affect their rights and wellbeing.


Crowdsourcing a new UK Constitution (4 October 2013)

Should the UK have a monarch, abolish the House of Lords, or repeal the Human Rights Act?


LSE climbs World University Rankings (3 October 2013)

LSE has climbed seven places in the 2013-14 Times Higher Education World University Rankings.


Home workers "happier and more productive" (3 October 2013)

Employees who work from home are more productive than their office-bound colleagues because they are less distracted, grateful for the flexibility and the time they save on commuting is ploughed back into work.


Exercise "potentially as effective" as many drugs for common diseases (2 October 2013)

Physical activity is potentially as effective as many drug interventions for patients with existing coronary heart disease and stroke, suggests new research.


Evidence does not support claims of creative industry decline (30 September 2013)

A new report released by LSE’s Media Department does not support widespread claims about the decline of creative industries as a result of copyright infringement.


LSE and Kids Company launch new report on vulnerable children (26 September 2013)

A leading UK psychologist has compared London’s most vulnerable children – those living in violent cultures – to the children residing in Rio de Janeiro’s favelas. 


How economic interests influenced a change in safety regulations during the volcanic ash crisis (25 September 2013)

A new analysis of the 2010 volcanic ash crisis, which led to the closure of Europe's airspace for six days, reveals how powerful economic interests can shape regulation.


Zambia research provides lessons on recruitment (25 September 2013)

An LSE economist has sounded a warning to governments not to rely exclusively on community spirit when recruiting people for the civil service.


Pakistan tax reforms a blueprint for developing countries (24 September 2013)

Taxation reforms implemented in Pakistan over the past year could be used as a benchmark for other developing countries struggling to collect tax revenues, a London conference heard today.


Sub-Saharan Africa on cusp of major global economic boom (23 September 2013)

Sub-Saharan Africa could be on the threshold of becoming a major global economy, according to one of the world’s most respected economic authorities on the region.

LSE rated as London's top university in new Good University Guide (22 September 2013)

The London School of Economics and Political Science has been ranked as the third best university in the UK and the top university in London.

New ideas for economic growth in developing countries (16 September 2013)

Top policymakers and researchers from Africa and South Asia will join leading Western experts in London next week to debate the latest ideas for stimulating economic growth in developing countries at Growth Week 2013, organised by the International Growth Centre (IGC).


Hottest days in some parts of Europe have warmed four times more than the global average (11 September 2013)

Some of the hottest days and coldest nights in parts of Europe have warmed more than four times the global average change since 1950, according to a new paper published today in the journal Environmental Research Letters  by the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the University of Warwick.

Houghton Street

LSE ranked second in the world for social sciences  (10 September 2013)

The 2013-14 QS World University rankings placed LSE just behind Harvard for social science and management faculty area, rising two places since last year.


LSE hires top academics from American and European universities in global recruitment drive (5 September 2013)

LSE has embarked on one of the biggest recruitment drives in its history, with over 80 leading social scientists joining the School since September 2012.


New simulation tool to reduce deforestation in Bolivia (2 September 2013)

A new simulation tool designed to help local Bolivian communities reduce deforestation and tackle poverty has been developed by academics and conservationists around the world.


Child experts warn of internet risks facing very young children (29 August 2013)

Clear parental guidelines are necessary to protect very young children from the risks of internet use as toddlers and pre-school aged children gain greater access to tablets and smartphones.


England faces crisis in care for older people by 2032 (23 August 2013)

Up to 160,000 older people in England will be left vulnerable in the next two decades as the country faces a huge shortfall in unpaid care, according to new LSE research. 


Ethnic minorities targeted in 'stop and search' drug policing (22 August 2013)

A report launched by LSE and Release today shows that drug policing is dominating stop and search, that much of this activity is focused on low level drug possession offences, and that black and Asian people are being disproportionately targeted.


New flood insurance scheme ignores climate change risks (19 August 2013)

A proposed new scheme for flood insurance in the UK may not be sustainable because the impacts of climate change have not been taken into account, according to a policy paper published today by the Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy and the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE.


LSE access programmes help open the doors to success (19 August 2013)

A record number of students who attended LSE access programmes in 2012-13 will be enrolling at the School in October.

womens suffrage

LSE Library launches The Women's Library @ LSE Online (18 August 2013)

The Women’s Library @ LSE Online provides a timeline of 155 items relating to women’s history, as well as digital access to rare books, print and archival material  from the 16th century to the present day.


Can solar energy help save Greece? (16 August 2013)

Renewable energy programs, particularly solar, may provide part of the answer to Greece’s debt crisis if the public can be won over, according to new research from LSE and Durham University.


Tenth LSE-PKU Summer School Underway (14 August 2013)

The tenth-annual LSE-PKU Summer School began on Monday 12th August as over 300 participants from around 50 different countries gathered in Peking University’s spectacular Sunshine Hall for the programme’s official opening ceremony.


Rise in Student Satisfaction at LSE (13 August 2013)

The results of the 2013 National Student Survey have been published and LSE has posted its best ever results with an overall satisfaction level of 88 per cent.


New research contradicts link between mobile phones and car accidents (9 August 2013)

The widely-held belief that talking on a mobile phone while driving increases the risks of car accidents has been contradicted by new research from LSE and Carnegie Mellon University.


LSE to lead global debate on emerging nations (25 July 2013)

The London School of Economics and Political Science will lead a global debate in early 2014 about the role of emerging nations on the world stage.

British Academy

LSE academics elected as Fellows of the British Academy (24 July 2013)

In recognition of their outstanding scholarship, Professor David Soskice and Professor Michael Bridge have been elected as Fellows of the British Academy, the UK's national body for the humanities and social sciences.


Conservatives would gain most from changing the voting system for European Elections (24 July 2013)

The Conservatives could beat UKIP and be neck-and-neck with Labour in next year’s European elections if the voting system were changed from “closed-list” to “open-list”.


Schizophrenia is costing Japanese economy £15 billion a year (23 July 2013)

Schizophrenia is costing the Japanese economy more than £15 billion a year in health care, unemployment and suicides, according to new research published this month.

child computer

Parental responses to children's online risks differ across Europe (22 July 2013)

New research on children’s online risk and parenting practices across Europe reveals that a potentially negative pattern is developing in some countries that either limits children’s engagement or does not prevent risk of harm.

Amy Gutmann

Dr Amy Gutmann becomes LSE Honorary Fellow (18 July 2013)

Dr Amy Gutmann (pictured), President of the University of Pennsylvania, has been made an Honorary Fellow of LSE. She was awarded the Honorary Fellowship by LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun at a School graduation ceremony


Complaints about nuisance calls tripled in two years (18 July 2013)

Nuisance calls in the UK have been growing at an alarming rate and the regulations designed to protect consumers from them are failing to halt the rise, according to a new report from the LSE Media Policy Project.

Jonathan Leape

Senior appointments made at LSE-based International Growth Centre (18 July 2013)

Dr Jonathan Leape (pictured) has been appointed as Executive Director of the International Growth Centre. He will start his new position on 1 September. Dr Ibrahim Stevens has been appointed as Country Programme Director and will start on 1 August.

Democratic Audit

New Democratic Audit blog launched (17 July 2013)

Democracy and human rights in the UK is the focus of a new blog, launched this week by Democratic Audit, based at LSE.

city skyline

New 'What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth' announced (12 July 2013)

The new independent research centre will gather, evaluate and disseminate evidence across a wide spectrum of interventions that promote local economic growth. 


LSE's access agreement approved by OFFA  (11 July 2013)

LSE is set to be one of England’s biggest university spenders on student outreach and bursaries, as a proportion of its fee income, according to access agreements released by the Office for Fair Access.


First Ever LSE-UCT July School Begins  (11 July 2013)

The first ever LSE-UCT July School got underway on Monday 1 July as around 100 participants from 30 countries converged on the University of Cape Town’s campus near Table Mountain.


How can we get clean and affordable energy for all? (11 July 2013)

Kyoto Protocol-type policy has had no noticeable effect on reducing humanity's carbon footprint, but we can still hope for a high energy, low-carbon economy in which clean, safe and affordable energy is available to all, a new report argues.


Statin use linked to few side effects (10 July 2013)

Statins - the popular class of cholesterol-lowering drugs used widely to prevent recurrent heart disease and a first event - appear to cause few side effects, according to new research.

Students talking

LSE to run Pathways to Law programme for a further four years (10 July 2013)

Seventy year 12 state school students from non-privileged backgrounds will attend a specialised law programme at LSE next year under phase III of the Pathways to Law programme


Social housing tenants fear being displaced as house values skyrocket (10 July 2013)

Long-established social housing tenants living in some of the wealthiest areas of inner London fear the city’s escalating house prices could push them out of the areas they have lived in for generations.


Anti-depressant use in Europe increases by 20 per cent (5 July 2013)

The increasing uptake of anti-depressants across Europe in recent decades has coincided with a gradual decline in suicide rates over the same period, according to a new report published in PLoS.


Museums out of touch when catering for people with disabilities of sight (1 July 2013)

British museums are putting too much focus on touch based exhibitions, an academic from LSE has argued. They should, instead, be using a mix of visual, non-visual and enhanced visual media to provide a truly inclusive experience for many visitors with disabilities of sight.


Did Labour's social policy programme work?   (1 July 2013)

Labour’s increased social spending delivered major improvements to services and social outcomes but wider inequalities persisted, according to a new report from LSE, as part of the first phase of the Social Policy in a Cold Climate project.


Government promotion of positive parenting is potentially damaging, says new LSE research (21 June 2013)

Government advice to parents to 'be nice' to their children by using positive reinforcement instead of punishment is potentially damaging and parents should, instead, be left to trust their own instincts, according to new LSE research.


Emerging global powers present new challenges for Africa (21 June 2013)

Emerging global powers are turning their attention to Africa, forging new trade deals and investing heavily in the continent in the wake of a resources boom and a widening consumer class, according to LSE IDEAS.


Sea and sun equal happiness (20 June 2013)

Spending time by the sea is one of the keys to happiness, according to a ground-breaking study employing mobile technology to track people’s wellbeing in different environments.


Wide discrepancies across Europe when it comes to trusting the law(19 June 2013)

Europeans differ widely when it comes to trusting their legal systems and believing that the police and criminal courts have a legitimate right to exercise authority, according to LSE criminologist Dr Jonathan Jackson.


Queen's Birthday Honours for LSE (17 June 2013)

Four of LSE’s leading academics have had their expertise and service rewarded in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list. Professors Hills, Metcalf and Pissarides have been knighted and Professor Rees has been awarded a Damehood.

Smiling face

How to be happy with less money? – try thinking about your friends instead (12 June 2013)

Money makes you happier – but only if you really think about it, according to research from LSE, published in the British Journal of Social Psychology.


A fifth First for LSE in 2013 People & Planet Green League (11 June 2013)

LSE has been awarded a First in this year’s People & Plant Green League, which ranks all UK universities on their environmental and ethical performance.

Photo courtesy of

LSE Library announces Women's Walks, an interactive historical journey through London's streets (6 June 2013)
The Library at LSE has partnered with Arts Council England to createWomen’s Walks, an exciting new mobile phone app that enables users to engage with archive materials from women’s history.

Houghton Street

LSE comes top in London in Guardian university rankings (4 June 2013)

The latest university rankings from The Guardian have rated LSE as the best university in London for the third year in a row.

london skyscrapers

City residents willing to pay a higher price for a good lifestyle (31 May 2013)

Londoners are willing to pay around £1 billion a year to enjoy the benefits of city living, according to a new discussion paper released by LSE urban economist Dr Gabriel Ahlfeldt.

Emily Wilding Davison

LSE Library Launches Emily Wilding Davison Online Exhibition (24 May 2013)

The Library at LSE has launched a unique collection of materials documenting the life and death of Emily Wilding Davison, commemorating the centenary of Davison’s protest at the Epsom Derby.


Targets and poor organisational environments to blame for patient neglect (22 May 2013)

The key causes for ‘patient neglect’ are explored in a new paper by academics based in LSE's Department of Social Psychology. 

Wealth in the UKWealthInTheUK_small

Public policy towards wealth gap 'incoherent and contradictory' (22 May 2013)

Official figures show that the top tenth of households owned 850 times the total wealth of the bottom tenth in 2008-10, if pension rights are added in. Yet the results of a three year research programme presented in a new book by LSE academics finds that tax, benefit, care, housing, and education policies are inconsistent and fail to narrow the wealth gap.

Canary wharf

LSE Cities launches new interactive website to show how financial crisis has affected European cities  (17 May 2013)

LSE Cities has launched the European Metromonitor, which shows the impact of economic recession and recovery in over 150 of Europe’s largest metropolitan areas. 


LSE Professor calls for London to have a greater say over its taxes (15 May 2013)

The London Finance Commission, chaired by Professor Tony Travers, has released a new report calling for greater financial freedoms for the capital.

uct campus

LSE and UCT establish Cape Town July School  (13 May 2013)

For two weeks each July the summer school-style programme will offer a range of exciting university-level courses at UCT’s beautiful campus on the slopes of Table Mountain. 

32 LIF Opening

A Royal opening and new focus for historic London building (29 April 2013)

HRH The Princess Royal has officially opened the newest landmark building of LSE, 32 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, previously known as the Land Registry building.


LSE comes top in London (29 April 2013)

The Complete University Guide 2014 has ranked LSE as the top university in the capital and third best UK university overall.

Blackbird eggs nest

Building up a nest egg? A divorce might be on the cards... (29 April, 2013)

Couples tend to save significantly more as the risk of divorce increases according to new research by LSE, published in the latest edition of The Journal of Human Resources.


New report on cost of reforms to long-term care and support (24 April 2013)

A new report from LSE and UEA projects that the government’s proposals to reform long-term care and support would add £2 billion to public expenditure by 2030. 


Survey charts emergence of new class system (4 April 2013)

The traditional view of a Britain made up of working, middle and upper class people is no longer accurate, according to one of the largest studies of its kind. The Great British Class Survey has charted the emergence of a new class system comprising seven groups in Britain.


UK invests £51million in International Growth Centre (27 March 2013)

The UK government has this week announced a major £51million investment to the International Growth Centre (IGC) to enable it to expand its work to Myanmar, Liberia and Nigeria.

Professor Craig Calhoun

Exploring the Challenges for Growth – LSE Director visits China (27 March 2013)

Professor Craig Calhoun made his first visit to China, as LSE Director, on a three day trip to Beijing and Shanghai from 20-22 March.

Mervyn King

Global crisis far from over warns Bank of England governor (26 March 2013)

Sir Mervyn King (pictured), governor of the Bank of England, joined Dr Ben Bernanke, chairman of the Federal Reserve System, and other eminent experts and policymakers to discuss the global financial crisis in a public event at LSE last night (Monday 25 March).


Too much blame placed on popular prejudices against rape victims for low conviction rates (25 March 2013)

Rape law reformers who have failed in their efforts to significantly increase the number of convictions are placing too much blame on the role of popular prejudices against rape victims.

Los Angeles

US planning system driven by powerful property owners (18 March 2013)

Strict planning regulations in US cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York, are partly driven by powerful property owners protecting their own interests, rather than by considerations about quality of life only, says new research.

Timothy Snyder

Award winning historian appointed as next Philippe Roman Chair at LSE (13 March 2013)

Historian and award-winning author Professor Timothy Snyder will take up the Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs for 2013-14.

uct campus

LSE Announces Cape Town July School (6 March 2013)

LSE and the University of Cape Town have announced the launch of the inaugural LSE-UCT July School.

Houghton Street

LSE continues to climb the world reputation rankings (5 March 2013)
LSE has risen to 25th in the third annual Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings. 


EU commitment needed on preventing mass atrocities (4 March 2013)

The EU needs to strengthen its commitment and tools to prevent mass atrocities, such as those perpetrated in Syria, according to a new report by the Task Force on the EU Prevention of Mass Atrocities which was Co-chaired by Professor Karen E. Smith.

ballot box

UK's Democratic Audit moves to LSE (4 March 2013)

One of Britain's leading NGOs tracking the health of democracy, human rights and freedoms in an evidence-based way is moving to the London School of Economics and Political Science.

University Awards 2013 runner-up

LSE100 recognised in Teaching Excellence award (28 February 2013)

LSE100 has been named runner-up in the Teaching Excellence category at the inaugural Guardian University Awards.


LSE launches major green growth research programme in India (25 February 2013)

Experts from LSE are to work with research partners in Karnataka for green growth in the Indian state of Karnataka.

Indian Woman

LSE to launch major collaborative research programme on gender equality in India (19 February 2013)

LSE is to develop its highly regarded relationship with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in Mumbai to establish a major research programme on gender equality.

India Flag

LSE announces new India postgraduate scholarships (19 February 2013)

The School has announced 50 new scholarships for postgraduate Indian students. The LSE India Scholarships will enable students from India to study for a Master’s degree at LSE starting in 2013.

city skyline

LSE Cities receives major grant to launch new Mellon Fellowship Programme at LSE in Cities and the Humanities (14 February 2013)

LSE has been awarded a grant of US$900,000 by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The grant will support a major new initiative within LSE Cities exploring the intersection of architecture, urbanism and the humanities.


LSE Announces New Undergraduate Fees and Bursaries for 2014-15 (13 February 2013)

LSE Council has approved a graduate repayment of £9,000 per year with increased cash bursaries for low-income students and an increase in funding for outreach activities.

guatemala Flag

Guatemala proposal to reconfigure United Nations' Security Council announced at LSE event (12 February 2013)

Guatemalan foreign minister Fernando Carerra has launched a proposal to reconfigure the United Nations’ Security Council at an event hosted by LSE IDEAS, a think tank at the LSE this week.


LSE's fifth annual literary festival: 'Branching out' (12 February 2013)

LSE's fifth literary festival is taking place this year from Tuesday 26 February to Saturday 2 March.  

child computer

Video-sharing sites top the ranking of risky online platforms for children (5 February 2013)

Video-sharing sites like YouTube are considered by children to be more risky than any other online platform, with pornography and violent content topping the list of their concerns about use of the web. These are among the findings of a report launched on Safer Internet Day 2013.


Queen awards Regius professorship in economics to LSE (31 January 2013)

The government has announced that LSE will be one of 12 universities to have the prestigious title of Regius Professor bestowed upon it by The Queen to mark the Diamond Jubilee, with the creation of a new Regius Professor in Economics.


LSE Commission calls for a new focus on investment for future prosperity (31 January 2013)

Skills, infrastructure and innovation are the essential drivers of the productivity growth on which the UK’s future prosperity depends says LSE Growth Commission report.

World as a puzzle

LSE IDEAS ranked among world's most influential think tanks (30 January 2013)

LSE IDEAS is one of the top 50 think tanks in the world according to the Think Tank and Civil Societies Program's 2012 league tables.


Swiss direct democracy results in widespread discrimination against immigrants (30 January 2013)

Immigrants from Turkey and former Yugoslavia applying for citizenship in Switzerland were ten times more likely to be rejected than similar applicants from Southern or richer European countries under its system of direct democracy, according to new LSE research.

mobile Phone small

Net Children Go Mobile - new European project launches (29 January 2013)

A new European research project, Net Children Go Mobile, has launched to examine children’s online experiences through mobile media.


New research exposes scale of government's social care crisis for disabled people (17 January 2013)

The report, The Other Care Crisis, brings together a number of strands of analysis, including economic modelling from Dr Jose-Luis Fernandes, deputy director of PSSRU at LSE.

Financial crisis

New Centre for Macroeconomics launched at LSE (16 January 2013)

A new Centre for Macroeconomics will bring together a group of world class experts to carry out pioneering research on the global economic crisis and help design policies to alleviate it.

Canary wharf

Research centre to study risks to financial system launched at LSE (16 January 2013)

A research centre which will study the risks that could trigger the next financial crisis is being launched at LSE.

child computer

Researchers recommend core changes in education (15 January 2013)

Close the gap between no-frills learning that too often happens in school and the interactive, hands-on learning that usually takes place out of school a new report has advised.