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News archive 2012


LSE100 shortlisted for Teaching Excellence award (19 December 2012)

LSE100 ‘The LSE Course: understanding the causes of things’ has been shortlisted for a Teaching Excellence award in the inaugural Guardian University Awards.

Blazing fire(small)

Reading the Riots wins award for innovation (5 December 2012)

A groundbreaking LSE research project, Reading the Riots, which aimed to understand the roots of and responses to the 2011 riots, has won the Innovation of the Year award at the Press Gazette’s British Journalism Awards 2012.

Red Light District

Legalised prostitution increases human trafficking (5 December 2012)

Countries where prostitution is legalised experience larger reported inflows of human trafficking, according to new research.


Chancellor risking 'fatal error' on growth, warns independent report (3 December 2012)

The Chancellor risks making the 'fatal error' of undermining the potential of local economies to drive economic growth if councils are made to bear the brunt of further cuts to public spending, warns a report by Tony Travers.  


LSE research supports major report on NHS funding (3 December 2012)

Spending on social care and continuing health care for older people will increase from from £9.3 billion in 2010 to £12.7 billion in 2022, according to new research from LSE's Personal Social Services Research Unit.

Hong Kong towers

Minister to launch cutting-edge LSE Housing report (28 November 2012)

Nick Hurd, Minister for Civil Society, has launched an LSE Housing report on how housing associations can empower tenants to help their communities.

Chinese Dragon

''Catch up' strategies for developing countries (28 November 2012)

The dynamic economic growth of China and other large emerging markets provides an unprecedented opportunity for industrialisation and growth in Africa and other low income countries, according to a paper in the November issue of the LSE journal Global Policy.


Older children are most at risk of excessive internet use (15 November 2012)

Older children with emotional problems and those who have high levels of sensation seeking are most at risk of developing of excessive internet use, a new report by EU Kids Online has found.

mental health

Schizophrenia costs society 11.8 billion pounds a year, says LSE PSSRU report (14 November 2012)

Schizophrenia costs society 11.8 billion pounds a year, much of which  could be spent more effectively, according to an LSE PSSRU report.


Working for a divorce (13 November 2012)

An increased risk of divorce encourages women to work longer hours outside the home according to new research from LSE.


ASEAN ill equipped to stand up to China and the US, says new LSE IDEAS report (13 November 2012)

As world leaders gather for the summit of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), an LSE report concludes that the group is ill equipped to defend its interests against those of China and the US.

coin tower

Financial institutions are increasingly investing in programmes to understand and manage their risk cultures (8 November 2012)

Banks and other financial institutions are starting to identify ways of making risk culture more visible and manageable, finds new report.

US flag

American voters value honesty over strength in future president (31 October 2012)

Americans look for honesty over strength when voting for a president according to new research.

Houghton Street

LSE launches major recruitment drive (24 October 2012)

LSE has launched a major recruitment drive to appoint leading scholars to 20 new faculty positions. In all, the School plans to invest £15 million over the next five years in academic faculty. 

globe and handshake image

Global drug policies need radical reform, says new LSE report (23 October 2012)

The global war on drugs has failed and international policy requires radical reform to remove outdmoded and unscientific thinking, according to a new LSE report.


High Rise Hope (19 October 2012)

A pioneering study on a West London high rise estate could provide the blueprint for taking millions of UK householders out of fuel poverty.


A job in itself (17 October 2012)

The task faced by young unemployed people looking for work is highlighted by LSE research in a new report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

child computer

Internet safety improving for children in the UK finds new report (16 October 2012)

No one-size fits all solution for children's internet safety state academics, who publish new recommendations on how to keep European children safe online.

European Union flag

UK holds the key to the fate of Europe (10 October 2012)

If the UK left the crisis-hit European Union as power shifts to Asia it would be a huge strategic error, concludes a new LSE report.


New LSE PhD Studentships support the brightest and the best research students (10 October 2012)

LSE has launched a new flagship studentship scheme that will support outstanding research students by fully funding their postgraduate research at the School. 

Houghton Street

LSE top university choice for 2012/13 Chevening Scholars (5 October 2012)

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is once again the top destination for 2012/13 Chevening Scholars, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has reported. 


Maths sheds light on what a delay in getting pregnant means for a couple's prospects of having a baby (5 October 2012)

A new mathematical method, developed by LSE and Warwick Medical School at the University of Warwick, can help to predict a couple’s chances of becoming pregnant according to how long they have been trying.

Professor Saw Swee Hock

Saw Swee Hock Student Centre named in honour of landmark gift (2 October 2012)

Professor Saw Swee Hock, an LSE alumnus, has marked his long association with the School by making a landmark gift towards the new student centre, currently under construction on the School’s campus.

image of smiling Afghan child

Confusion permeates Western aid programmes, says new LSE research (1 October 2012)

Aid needs to be better directed in the so-called "fragile states" of the developing world, according to new LSE research

Photo courtesy of

From the suffragettes to Bridget Jones - Europe's most extensive collection of women's history comes to LSE (28 September 2012)

The oldest and most extensive collection of women’s history in Europe, and a key part of the UK’s national heritage, is moving to LSE, where it will become part of the largest social science library in Europe.


Mapping methods behind success stories in Rio's favelas (13 September 2012)

Pioneering LSE research in Rio's favelas has identified methods used to help young people break free of their backgrounds which could be used to help urban poor across the globe.

circle of friends small

Cuts threaten 'Big Society', says new report (11 September 2012)  

Government cuts are undermining the idea behind the 'Big Society', according to a new LSE report.

earth graphic

Illegitimate and ineffective G20 should be replaced (10 September 2012)

The G20 should to be replaced by a legitimate and effective global economic governing body, according to new research in the September issue of the London School of Economics and Political Sciences’ journal Global Policy.

Blazing fire(small)

Reading the Riots study shortlisted for THE 'Research Project of the Year' award (6 September 2012)

An innovative LSE research project, which attempted to understand the roots of and responses to the 2011 riots, has been shortlisted for the Times Higher Education ‘Research Project of the Year’ award.

school boy small

Information campaign promotes positive attitudes to university (24 August 2012)

A ‘light-touch’ information campaign about the value and affordability of going to university can have a big positive effect on the attitudes of pre-GCSE school students towards staying in education, according to new LSE research.


LSE joins SoundCloud (22 August 2012)

More than 1,000 recordings from LSE's prestigious public lectures programme and other LSE podcasts are now available to download from SoundCloud, the world’s leading social sound platform.


New study identifies the professions which have made Britain hugely unequal (13 August 2012)

Just 20 professions have been responsible for more than two-thirds of the growth in wage inequality among men in recent decades a new study has shown. 


What does it mean to be 'British Asian'? ( 9 August 2012)

The term ‘British Asian’ fails to recognise the diversity of British-born, second-generation Asians according to policymakers and researchers who took part in a roundtable discussion at LSE


LSE begins search for new chair of governors (25 July 2012)

LSE has begun the search for a new Chair of Court and Council to succeed Peter Sutherland, whose term of office will end in 2013.

Lord Stern

Lord Stern Elected President of the British Academy (20 July 2012)

The British Academy has today announced that its next President from July 2013 will be Lord Nicholas Stern, I.G. Patel Professor of Economics and Government at LSE. 


 Police to use LSE crowd control app (13 July 2012)

Police are to use a new app developed at LSE to help save lives in an emergency by helping people to avoid crowded areas.



President Clinton speaks at LSE (11 July 2012)

President Bill Clinton joined actor and humanitarian Ashley Judd at LSE to mark the tenth anniversary of the Clinton Foundation.


LSE and ETNO renew telecoms policy research collaboration (5 July 2012)

ETNO, the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association, has renewed its support for research into European telecoms policy being undertaken at LSE


Bar politicians from decisions on media mergers LSE report advises Leveson (5 July 2012)

The Leveson Inquiry should recommend the removal of politicians completely from the process of deciding individual cases on media competition or plurality, advises LSE policy briefing.


Certification not just marketing hype finds new report (4 July 2012)

Does buying Fairtrade coffee and Forest Stewardship Council toilet roll have any impact? According to a new report published last week the answer is yes - but certification alone cannot save the world. 


Lasting legacy or missed opportunity? (3 July 2012)

The scale of what needs to be done to ensure that the promised Olympic legacy is achieved in the London borough of Newham has been set out in the initial findings of a new study.


Police fear they may be unable to cope with fresh riots (2 July 2012)

Police fear a second wave of riots across England and are concerned they may not have the resources to cope suggests the Reading the Riots project in new analysis of the country’s 2011 unrest.

THE Knowledge Transfer Initiative Award

Innovative LSE blogs win UK award for delivering powerful social science impact (28 June 2012)

A series of academic blogs run by LSE's Public Policy Group has won the Times Higher Education award for the best knowledge exchange initiative in higher education during 2011.

little girls playing small

Charities given code of conduct warning over depictions of distant suffering (27 June 2012)

AID agencies should recognise disaster victims with dignity rather than hopelessness, a new report finds.

Julian Le Grand

Taskforce calls for expansion of public service mutuals (25 June 2012)

A report published by Julian Le Grand and the Mutuals taskforce recommends actions to make this burgeoning movement a mainstream option for public service delivery.

St Paul's protest

The 'Bubbling Up' of Subterranean Politics in Europe (21 June 2012)

A new report on protest movements across Europe reveals a political disillusionment beyond frustration with austerity cuts.

Aung San Suu Kyi

Burma's voice of freedom speaks at LSE (19 June 2012)

Democracy campaigner Aung San Suu Kyi spoke at LSE of how justice and democracy go hand in hand during her first visit to the UK in 24 years.


Shocking discrimination against mental illness within the NHS (18 June 2012)

A report published today by the London School of Economics and Political Science reveals the horrific scale of mental illness in Britain – and how little the NHS does about it. 

Professor Judith Rees

Professor Judith Rees elected president of Royal Geographical society (12 June 2012)

LSE Director Judith Rees is the new president of the Royal Geographical Society, the first woman to hold the post.


Make internet settings simple for kids, new report urges online bosses (1 June 2012)

Children need simpler privacy and safety settings to protect themselves on internet sites, an expert report advises the European Commission today.

China Geoeconomics report

China has power, wealth and amibition but no strategy (28 May 2012)

China does not have a coherent global strategy to match its growth concludes a report, which finds the country’s foreign economic policies are confused and even contradictory.

Eileen Munro

Eileen Munro on Child Protection Reforms (22 May 2012)

In a new progress report for the Government, Eileen Munro has said that a “culture change” was underway in the child protection system but there is an urgent need to now accelerate reforms.


"Sexting" worries young people more than "stranger danger" (16 May 2012)

A new study involving LSE research reveals the level that ‘sexting’ has reached among teenagers with schoolgirls facing increasing pressure to provide sexually explicit pictures of themselves.


Tackle global inequality to reduce pressure of economic migration, report urges policy makers (4 May 2012)

Location, not class, is now the key driver of global inequality, according to an article published in the LSE journal Global Policy.


University reforms have created "middle-income poverty trap" (2 May 2012)

Systems of financial support for poorer students applying to university are confusingly complex and involve dramatic “cliff-edges” where help for the marginally better-off suddenly disappears, new analysis has found.


Arab Spring has failed to bring real change says report (1 May 2012)

Uprisings across the Middle East have not led to any significant shifts towards permanent democracy even where they have toppled dictators, a new report warns.


New mayoral election app finds that London Tories are social liberals(30 April 2012)

An online tool developed at LSE to help voters decide who to vote for in the London mayoral elections has attracted thousands.

school boy small

Boys suffer while girls flourish when learning with the brightest (30 April 2012)

Boys suffer academically when surrounded by high-achievers at school while girls benefit.


LSE Review of Books shares serious learning and good writing (23 April 2012)

A new blog to engage the public with the best writing about the social sciences is launched at LSE.


Minimum wage now lower than eight years ago (17 April 2012)

This year’s planned increase in the national minimum wage will leave it lower than it was in 2004 after inflation is taken into account, according to a new report by LSE professor Alan Manning.


New app to help voters decide (16 April 2012)

A new online tool to help voters decide who to vote for in the London Mayoral elections has been developed at LSE.


Identifying workplace mavericks could be key to business success (4 April 2012)

A cutting edge analysis of workplace mavericks - the creative, independent thinkers who can be brilliant but troublesome - could help employers to better identify them and channel their talents.


Rising fees deterring students from poorer backgrounds from continuing on to postgraduate study (28 March 2012)

Students from poorer backgrounds are under-represented in postgraduate study and high tuition fees are deterring many from making the jump from undergraduate to graduate courses finds new research.


Almost eight million struggle to afford keeping warm says independent review (15 March 2012)

Fuel poverty is a serious and growing probem, Profesor John Hills warns the Government.

India - the next superpower Cover image

India is not a superpower - and may never be - says new study (7 March 2012)

India is not a superpower and will not become one in the foreseeable future suggests a special report on the nation.


Anorexia study backs government ban on underweight models (1 March 2012)

Anorexia is a socially transmitted disease and appears to be more prevalent in countries such as France where women are thinner than average, according to new LSE research.

European Union flag

New European blog fosters debate on the continent's biggest issues (29 February 2012)

A new blog to analyse the vital issues in European politics and society is launched by LSE.


LSE achieves BREEAM Outstanding rating for New Students' Centre (27 February 2012)

LSE's £24 million New Students' Centre has achieved a BREEAM design rating of Outstanding, becoming only the 17th building worldwide, the first in higher education in London and the second in higher education to achieve such a high standard of sustainability.

Conor Gearty's Burning Issue lecture

The DNA of human rights (24 February 2012)

'What are human rights and where do they come from?', asks Professor Conor Gearty in the latest Burning Issue lecture.



Competition between NHS hospitals improves efficiency (20 February 2012)

A new LSE study finds that competition between NHS hospitals improves efficiency and saves money, but allowing them to compete against private providers has not produced the same positive outcomes.


How hedge fund managers' trusted networks expose them to risk (17 February 2012)

Hedge fund managers' over-reliance on information gleaned from a small group of trusted contacts in other hedge funds exposes them to financial risk, according to new research.  

Emily Jackson

'Is it possible to kill out of care?' (16 February 2012)

In a humane society, should it be legal to help those who are suffering terribly to end their lives? Professor Emily Jackson tackles this provocative issue in the latest Burning Issue lecture. 

Beatrice Webb's diary

Decades of social upheaval revealed as Beatrice's Webb-site goes live (13 February 2012)

An attack on bankers, preparations for the monarch's diamond jubilee and the joys of shopping are among the highlights of Beatrice Webb's diaries - now available online.


Engage, don’t restrict, to protect children from online risk finds EU Kids Online (7 February 2012)

Positive engagement can reduce the risk of harm without preventing the benefits of internet use.  This is one of the conclusions of a new report from the EU Kids Online project based at LSE.

Earth and moon

All nations should have a say in running space (6 February 2012)

Oversight of near-earth orbit would be best achieved by a forum of all countries with a stake in its use and not only the space-faring nations, a new article suggests.

International Monetary Fund logo

Workers can win concessions from IMF finds new study (31 January 2012)

The IMF will soften its loan conditions in the face of protest from organised labour in debt-riddent countries a new study shows

Young mother bathes infant on shores of Lake Vicotria

Competition for tropical disease funding is side-lining critical voices (30 January 2012)

Competition for multi-million pound grants to tackle debilitating parasitic diseases in the developing world means that serious concerns about whether current drug programmes actually work are being side-lined says Professor Tim Allen in a letter published in The Lancet.


Cloud computing set to create jobs and promote growth (27 January 2012)

The development of cloud computing will promote economic growth, increase productivity and shift the type of jobs and skills required by businesses, according to a new study by LSE.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates and Hans Rosling speak about the fight against global poverty (25 January 2012)

Addressing an audience of LSE staff, students and Global Poverty Ambassadors, the two speakers emphasised the importance of inspiring people to keep up the fight against global poverty.


World finance tribunal opens for business

A tribunal devoted to settling the world's most complex financial cases, chaired by an LSE professor, has opened at The Hague.

Yellow house

Skilled migrants have little direct impact on UK housing market (10 January 2012)

Two new reports by LSE examine the impact of immigration on housing and crime.