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LSE and ETNO renew telecoms policy research collaboration

ETNO, the European Telecommunications Network Operators Association, has renewed its support for research into European telecoms policy being undertaken at LSE.

The research programme focuses on how the politics and economics of telecommunications and the internet are changing as novel business models and new traffic trends alter the structure and dynamics of the digital world. This includes the business conditions of 'new players' who operate alongside the telecommunication systems, such as content delivery networks, the major cloud services providers, social network sites an independent infrastructure investors  - which are all part of the distinct and fragile structure of the European internet.  

Luigi Gambardella, ETNO Executive Board Chairman said: “We are enthusiastic to renew our collaboration with LSE which aims to deepen research activities in the field of European telecoms policy. The digital economy sector is undergoing a rapid phase of transformation, with market players facing new challenges and new business opportunities. The sustainability of the internet development model is, in particular, a key issue that academic work should look at. In this scenario, high quality research into how policies should evolve is crucial.”

Dr Jonathan Liebenau, who leads the research and is a Reader in Technology Management in LSE’s Department of Management, said: “We aim to inform critical debates in Europe and elsewhere on the developing digital services landscape with rigorous, independent academic research. ETNO’s renewed support for this work will mean that we will be able to continue to gain an important perspective from industry on these issues.”

LSE and ETNO have been collaborating since February 2011 and have contributed to the analysis of investment incentives for broadband, changing regulatory practices, and business models for the internet.

Posted: 5 July 2012 

More information for the media:

For LSE: Sue Windebank, LSE Senior Press Officer T: + 44 (0) 207 955 7060 E: s.windebank@lse.ac.uk

For ETNO: Thierry Dieu, ETNO Director for Communications and Public Policy. Tel:    (32-2) 219 32 42 Fax:  (32-2) 219 64 12 E-mail: dieu@etno.be