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LSE launches Brexit video series

LSE has launched a 10-week video series featuring expert comment from the School’s academics on a wide range of issues relating to the EU referendum on 23 June.

The first of more than 50 videos in the #LSEBrexitVote series will be rolled out across the School’s social media platforms from Wednesday 13 April, featuring a new clip every week day between now and the referendum.

The issues covered include the following:

  • the pros and cons of Britain leaving or remaining in the European Union;
  • the impact of a Brexit on the UK’s economy, trade, currency, security and financial sectors;
  • the likelihood of the referendum resulting in the breakup of the United Kingdom;
  • the political futures of David Cameron and Boris Johnson depending on the outcome;
  • key factors influencing UK citizens in the lead up to the EU vote;
  • the anticipated world view of Britain in the event of a Brexit;
  • the impact on Europe if Britain leaves the EU;
  • the potential impact on London, as opposed to the rest of Britain, in the case of a Brexit;
  • the implications for immigration, EU citizens currently living in the UK and vice versa;
  • how a Brexit could impact on higher education in the UK;
  • the long term future of the EU regardless of whether Britain remains or leaves; and
  • whether the vote will settle the European question once and for all.

Each video will be featured daily on LSE’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites, with feedback encouraged from viewers.

The objective is to not only promote the School’s extensive academic expertise on the EU issue and help people to make an informed decision, but also to encourage debate among students, staff and LSE’s social media audience.

The full series can be found on LSE's You Tube channel.


For more information contact Candy Gibson, Senior Press Officer, LSE, at c.gibson@lse.ac.uk or
0207 955 7440.

13 April 2016