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New tool for participating in UK and EU policymaking on media issues

Just over a year after the Leveson Report laid bare the complex web of relationships between politicians and the media, a new website offering a free and accessible way to participate in the decisions politicians make about the media has been unveiled by LSE.

The Media Policy Planner offers an easy-to-access database of experts by subject area, event calendars, topic guides, articles on important media issues and lists of ongoing media policy consultations.


It covers current UK and European media policy debates and a wide range of media policy topics including press ethics, copyright and intellectual property, data protection, child safety online, internet governance, competition, broadband access and spectrum management.

Journalists, policymakers, researchers, civil society activists, or curious citizens can find and contact experts, subscribe to follow topics that interest them and access and keep track of the latest events, news and research.

Damian Tambini, Director of the Media Policy Project and Associate Professor at LSE, said: “Media policy matters. The decisions made in the UK and Europe on pressing media policy topics will impact on our access to information, privacy and security, the health of our democracy and other crucial aspects of our lives for many years to come.

“Leveson and the decision on the BSkyB merger showed policy decisions are sometimes made against a background of inappropriate conflicts of interest. We hope that the Planner will help people find the resources they need to engage with these important issues and contribute to the Government’s goal of encouraging Open Policymaking.”

The Planner is available at Media Policy Planner or by visiting the Media Policy Project blog

Professor Craig Calhoun, Director of LSE, said: “LSE has some of the leading public policy blogs in the world, and we continue to innovate and seek future models for innovation in Higher Education and policy impact. The LSE Media Policy Project is at the cutting edge of this work”.

The Media Policy Planner is the latest offering from the LSE Media Policy Project, which focusses on bringing quality independent research to policy debates and facilitating conversations between policymakers, civil society, and media professionals.

Posted: Tuesday 25 February 2014

Notes to editors

The Media Policy Planner was made possible to the generous support from the Higher Education and Innovation Fund (HEIF), with additional support from the Open Society Foundations.

The Government’s Open Policymaking Objectives are set out in the Civil Service Reform Plan http://my.civilservice.gov.uk/reform/the-reform-plan/improving-policy-making/

More information for media is available from the LSE Press Office T: 020 7955 7060, E: pressoffice@lse.ac.uk