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Students 'switch off' success

Photograph of a student flipping a light switchLSE students living in halls of residence reduced their energy use by a massive ten per cent last term as part of the Student Switch Off energy saving campaign.

This means a reduction in carbon emissions of 65 tonnes - equivalent to leaving a 15 watt energy saving light bulb (equal to a 75 watt incandescent lightbulb) on for over 900 years.

The savings have been brought about largely as a result of the actions of the Eco-Power Rangers - students in halls who have pledged to use their energy carefully. Actions such as switching off lights and appliances when not in use, putting lids on pans when cooking and not overfilling their kettles all contribute to reducing energy waste.

Justus Rollin, LSESU environment and ethics officer said:

'The success in Halls of Residence in Michelmas Term shows that individual behavioural change can make a real difference. It is great to see that more and more students care about the environment and are willing to take personal action.'

Ian Spencer, director of Residential Services at LSE, said: 'The success of eco-power rangers shows that students are well aware of the importance of reducing their carbon emissions and willing to take simple actions to do so. We encourage all our student residents to join up to the scheme. Coupled with the School's environmental audit of halls of residence which will set out an action plan for infrastructure improvements, we look forward to further reducing our carbon emissions in halls of residence.'

LSE has ten halls of residence and currently leading the way in the competition is High Holborn followed closely by Bankside House.

Neil Jennings, national coordinator of the Student Switch Off, said: 'I've been really impressed by the enthusiasm that LSE students have shown in the campaign. It provides a heartening example of the responsible attitude the next generation of young adults have towards our environment'.

As an incentive to adopt these simple energy-saving actions Student Switch Off has been giving out Ben & Jerry's ice cream, tickets to films and music events at Rich Mix in Shoreditch, and energy-saving gadgets.



Victoria Hands, LSE environmental and sustainability manager, at v.e.hands@lse.ac.uk 

Justus Rollin, LSESU environment and ethics officer, at su.environment@lse.ac.uk 

Neil Jennings at neil@studentswitchoff.org or on 020 8287 0227 or 07734 965465.


The Student Switch Off is a not-for-profit campaign encouraging personal action to reduce carbon emissions.   

18 February 2009