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LSE academics to advise government on new industry, new jobs, universities and skills

Photograph of Professor Nicholas BarrProfessor Nicholas Barr (pictured right), professor of public economics at LSE, will be advising the UK government on new industry, new jobs, universities and skills it was announced by business secretary Lord Mandelson last week.

Will Hutton, executive vice-chair of The Work Foundation and senior visiting fellow at LSE's Centre for the Study of Global Governance and a governor of LSE will also sit on the New Industry, New Jobs, Universities and Skills advisory panel.

The panel will help generate ideas across the whole of the Government's New Industry, New Jobs agenda, link it with the skills and higher education agenda and challenge conventional policy thinking in these areas.

Lord Mandelson said: 'The New Industry, New Jobs agenda will help equip Britain to succeed in what will be a radically transformed global economy over the next decade. People in business need the skills and backing to take advantage of the changes to come. This new advisory panel will generate new ideas and fresh thinking.'

Nicholas Barr is professor of public economics at LSE and author of numerous books and articles, including The Economics of the Welfare State, Financing Higher Education: answers from the UK and Reforming Pensions: principles and policy choices. Since the late 1980s he has been active in debates about pension reform and higher education finance, advising governments in the UK, Australia, Chile, China, Hungary, New Zealand and South Africa.

Photograph of Will HuttonWill Hutton (pictured left) is executive vice-chair of the World Foundation and a senior visiting fellow and a governor of LSE. He is regularly called on to advise senior political and business figures and to comment in the national and international media. He has written many books, including The State We're In, The Stakeholding Society and The Writing on the Wall: China and the West in the 21st century.

Roger Liddle, chair of the Policy Network and CumbriaVision will chair the panel. Entrepreneur Hermann Hauser, Adam Lent, head of Economic and Social Affairs at TUC, Dr Wendy Piatt, director general of The Russell Group of Universities and Janet Shiner CB, chair of The National Youth Agency will also sit on the panel.

The panel will report to the Secretary of State and officials at the Department of Business will support its work. Members will be unpaid and will be providing advice in a personal capacity rather than as representatives of interest groups.

3 August 2009