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LSE awarded first class honours in People & Planet Green League 2009

The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) is today named as the second greenest university in the UK in the People & Planet Green League published in Times Higher Education.

The School has been awarded a First for its commitment to systemic environmental management and its environmental performance - a rise from its 2:1 placing in 2007 and 2008.

LSE Director Howard Davies said: 'Our enthusiastic and committed staff and students will be delighted that their hard work has been recognised. It is not so easy to go green in the heart of London.'

The Green League is People & Planet's ward winning environmental ranking of the UK's universities. 131 universities were surveyed for this year's league table.

As part of its ongoing environmental and sustainability work, LSE has established a Sustainability Team, consisting of a carbon reduction manager, an environmental compliance and sustainable waste officer, a sustainability projects officer and a part time residences sustainability champion.

Dr Victoria Hands, environmental and sustainability manager at LSE, said: 'Our vision for the future is a zero-carbon, zero-waste university campus producing leaders who can tackle challenges such as sustainable development and climate change. The passion and commitment of staff is being incorporated into an Environmental Management System which fits well with the day-to-day business of LSE and helps to deliver its objectives. We are happy to provide support to other universities and we chair the London Universities Environment Group in that respect.'

LSE has also established Environmental Management Working Groups to develop environmental action plans, which include the identification of training needs, awareness raising and engagement, and the involvement of sustainability champions amongst staff and students.

Lord Stern of Brentford, who chairs the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at LSE and sits on the School's Environmental Management Review Group, said: 'This award demonstrates that LSE is a leader not just in terms of its teaching and research on climate change and other environmental issues, but also as a large employer and business. There has been great progress in raising awareness of environmental impacts amongst both staff and students, and how best to minimise them. I hope that LSE will continue to make improvements in its performance in future years and become an example of best practice that other universities and businesses will follow.'

Dr Hands continued: 'Establishing a robust and long term Environmental Management System has been crucial to ensure that benchmarking is followed up by continuous review and improvement. We have found that the EcoCampus phased approach to reaching the ISO14001 standard has been invaluable in helping us to identify and address our weaknesses. However, an Environmental Management System is just the beginning, and much more work still needs to be done to put these promising policies into practice to move towards our zero-carbon, zero-waste vision for LSE.'

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Dr Victoria Hands, LSE environmental and sustainability officer, v.e.hands@lse.ac.uk

LSE Press Office, 020 7955 7060

18 June 2009