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Agreement following the occupation of the Vera Anstey Room

1. Meetings:

a. The Director will hold a town hall meeting open to all students during Summer Term 2015 to answer any questions and discuss how the university works. 

b. There will be a three-way meeting of LSE managers, delegates of Occupy and the LSE SU to review progress in relation to the agreements made today. 

2. In recognition of the cooperative end to the occupation on 30 April LSE will not pursue disciplinary or legal action (such as an injunction) against participants in the occupation nor will LSE seek cost recovery with regard to the occupation.

3. The LSE Director agrees to make a public statement advocating for education to be treated as a public good, with access as wide as possible and not determined entirely by wealth or market, and supported by increased government funding.

4. LSE will make lectures accessible to the public including by access to timetables and improved provision for physical access consistent with security needs.

5. The School will make space available for dissent, discussion and political engagement, open to all students and publicly accessible during at least much of the time, consistent with the School's security needs. The Director will present to the School's space planning committees the desirability of a long-term dedicated space for this purpose. 

6. The School has embarked on a process to prepare a new policy on ethical and socially responsible investment. The Director will urge the completion of a public statement in advance of the upcoming COP21 Paris meeting and will undertake to represent the views of Occupy LSE and the LSE Divest to those preparing the statement.

7. The School is appointing a Task Force on Equality and Diversity. This will include at least two student members (at least one of whom is a current student). It will be charged with developing a comprehensive sexual harassment policy. The Director will recommend that this be explicit in not tolerating sexual harassment, and address off-campus as well as on-campus incidents, the development of appropriate procedures for implementation of policy, and the appointment of necessary staff. 

8. LSE will seek to achieve greater transparency in administration through making committee minutes and agendas more promptly available online, making it easier for students to present concerns for discussion, and holding open meetings at which students may ask questions or present arguments to the Director and senior administrators.

9. The School will continue to work to achieve good conditions of employment, including workers' rights and fair opportunities for unions. LSE will seek to offer greater opportunities and equity for women and minority ethnic staff, and it will review the issue of casual and variable hours contracts. 

30 April 2015