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LSE academic advises Greek Debt Truth Committee

Dr Margot Salomon, LSE Centre for the Study of Human Rights and Law Department, and Professor Olivier De Schutter of the University of Louvain, have prepared a legal brief for the Special Committee of the Hellenic Parliament on the audit of the Greek Debt (Debt Truth Committee).

mSalomon_150x180The paper, written at the request of the Speaker of the Greek Parliament, Zoe Konstantopolou, gives advice on social rights violations and the international responsibility of creditors.  

Covering the period 2010 to the present date, the legal brief unpacks the actors and vehicles through which the conditionalities were imposed on Greece and addresses the breach of human rights obligations and questions of international responsibility. The authors examine the responsibility of the following actors: the Euro Area Member States, the European Commission, the European Central Bank, the Council of the European Union, the EU Member States, the International Monetary Fund, the Members States of the IMF, and Greece.

Dr Margot Salomon, Associate Professor in LSE's Law Department, said: "The social rights obligations of states and institutions were ignored during the crafting of conditionalities imposed on Greece for the receipt of loans, with terrible consequences. Now is the time for accountability."

Read the full brief here.